Why is My Ear Popping?

Are you experiencing popping in your ear? This is certainly an annoying occurrence, and in some cases can be painful.

In today’s blog, we’ll learn various causes of popping sounds in your ears. In addition, we’ll also share some effective treatments to cure this condition.

So, let’s jump straight to the context. 

However, the good news is that it’s usually harmless, though it can be irritating for those affected. 

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Why is My Ear Popping?

The eardrum is responsible for most cases of popping in the ear. The popping is due to what’s called, pressure equalization.

Possible Causes of Popping Sounds in the Ear

The crackling or popping sound in the ear can be a symptom of pressure equalization. It may also be related to a poorly aligned jaw or inflammation in the ear.

Here are some more causes of crackling ears!

Jaw Joint Complaints

The jaw and musculoskeletal disorders are one the causes of crackling sound in the ear.

(TMD) or Temporomandibular dysfunction is a collective term for all these disorders. In TMD, the joint between the upper and lower jaw joints stops functioning properly.

Crackling sounds, and pain in the joint, are common symptoms of this issue.


Earwax can also cause crackling in the ears. Does it crackle when you eat? Then earwax is probably the culprit. Eating causes movement of the jaw, which should lead to a change in pressure inside your ears. 

This exertion of pressure is blocked by the earwax, leading to crackling sounds. The buildup of earwax also causes other symptoms. These include feeling fullness in the ear, pressure, coughing, itching in the ear, and earache.


Many people are allergic to medications. For example, ear drops containing antibiotics can cause an allergic reaction in the external ear canal.

Therefore if you are hearing crackling sounds, there’s a chance that it could be caused by one of your medications.

In such cases, the best way is to consult your doctor and ask them to replace your medication. 

Sore Throat

The ear is anatomically connected to the throat. When the throat hurts and becomes inflamed(sore throat and strep throat), the ear also gets affected. This inflammation can also cause crackling in the ear.

Dysfunction of the Eustachian Tube

The Eustachian tube is a small and narrow tube that connects your middle ear to your pharynx. You have one in each ear.

The Eustachian tube has several functions, including keeping the pressure in your ear balanced with environmental pressure and draining fluid from your middle ear.

Usually, the eustachian tubes are closed. 

When swallowing and yawning, the tube opens briefly to supply or remove air. Thus, the air pressure on both sides of the eardrum remains the same.

When the Eustachian tubes stop functioning appropriately, it leads to a creaking or popping sound in your ear.

There are several possible causes of dysfunction of the Eustachian tube:

  • Infections such as cold, sinus infection, etc
  • Allergies, nasal polyps, and nasal tumors
  • Irritants present in the air such as pollution or cigarette smoke

Acute Middle Ear Infection

Acute otitis media or middle ear infection is an inflammation of the middle of the ear. It’s more frequent among children than adults.

A Eustachian tube can contribute to the development of acute otitis media. 

When the tubes are narrowed or blocked, earwax starts to build up, infecting your ear.

An Acute Middle Ear Infection or AMEI can lead to a crackling sound in the ear, as well as other complaints. Curing your AMEI will stop these popping sounds.

Treatment of Crackling in the Ears

The treatment of a crackling sound in the ear depends on the cause. Whatever the case is, it’s always best to consult your doctor first.

If you don’t want to do that, home remedies always have your back. Below we have given some natural treatments that are effective against this issue. Have a look!

Removing Earwax

Removing earwax will also help you get rid of hearing popping sounds. However, make sure to perform this practice carefully.

Consider using a specialized earwax removal tool for gentle and effective wax removal.

Treating Ear Infections

Often, a combination of analgesic ear drops, decongestant nasal sprays, and oral intake of anti-inflammatory preparations is used to counteract inflammation of the middle ear.

Sometimes the doctor will prescribe an antibiotic. Another option for treating repeated inflammation of the middle ear is to use a balloon dilatation tube.

Treatment of Temporomandibular Dysfunction

Physiotherapy can be very useful here. The main purpose is to relieve tension in the muscles, correct the movement sequences and stabilize the temporomandibular joint.

If the teeth and molars do not fit well together, a plastic plate (splint) can offer a solution. It will help you reduce the popping sounds. 

Nasal Rinse

A saltwater nasal rinse helps to remove excess mucus from your nose. In addition, it’s also helpful in removing sinuses that may be contributing to the dysfunction of the Eustachian tube.

Once the Eustachian tube starts functioning properly, you won’t hear popping or crackling sounds again. 

When to Consult a General Practitioner?

Many people find it hard to decide when to actually visit a doctor. Consult your doctor if, in addition to a crackling sound in the ear, you also experience any of the following symptoms.

They are really important so read them carefully.

  • Crackling sounds in the ear that interfere with your daily activities or make you hear less well
  • Symptoms that are persistent, severe, or keep coming back
  • Ear discharge with blood or pus
  • Hearing loss
  • Signs of an ear infection, including fever or pain that persist for more than one day

Final Words

So far, we have discussed various causes of popping and crackling sounds in the ears. In addition, we have also shared with you effective treatments to cure this issue.

Make sure to follow them sincerely to experience great results fast. 

In the end, if you find this blog informative, make sure to share it with others. Please share it in your WhatsApp groups, facebooks pages, and wherever you feel like more people can view and get help from it. 

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