Do Your Ears Ring When Someone is Thinking About You?

Is a ringing in your ear bothering you? Some of you may dismiss it as a coincidence or a symptom of a medical condition such as tinnitus, high blood pressure, or even hypertension.

However, some individuals believe that this phenomenon has some spiritual significance. They believe that your ears ring when someone is thinking about you.

So, do you agree that it’s true? 

In this article, we will dig deeper into the origin and existence of this phenomenon. We will also look at the deep science and medical reasons behind ringing in the ear.

Do Your Ears Ring When Someone is Thinking About You?

While it may be annoying or catch you off guard, ringing in the ears is thought to be caused by someone thinking about you.

There is a widespread belief across different cultures that when someone is thinking or gossiping about you, your ears start ringing.

The Connection Between Ear Ringing and Someone Thinking of You

When you hear a ringing in your ear, it is said that someone is talking about you somewhere. Some individuals only associate it with negativity and rumors.

However, there is a possibility that someone is thinking about you in a positive light. 

If someone cares about you and has a message for you, they will reach you by sending you a text or meeting you right away.

But, if you pay attention, you may notice that your ear begins to ring, and then your phone rings with a call from that person.

Have you ever thought of the source of this belief? Its origins are ancient. Pliny, the Roman philosopher, wrote this in Natural History, a comprehensive encyclopedia. This belief was widespread in Roman culture and survived for thousands of years.

Even though this belief has been around for a long time, some wise elders still advise that when your ears ring, it means someone is talking/thinking about you. 

What Does Each Ear Represent?

Many people believe spiritual significance depends on which ear is ringing. If you pay attention to a ringing in your ears while keeping this in mind, you might be able to develop a better understanding of the signals you receive when your ear is ringing. 

Ancient folklore says that ringing in the left ear is lucky, but not if it occurs in daylight.

This means, during the nighttime, ringing of the left ear is thought to be lucky. When you feel ringing in your left ear at night, it means someone likes you and talks good about you. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about slander or gossip.

Others believe that if you hear a ringing in your left ear, it means that someone is talking or thinking about you in practical ways, such as at work or in your daily routines.

The ringing in your right ear indicates that someone is discussing or thinking about your ideology, beliefs, or higher moral or philosophical issues.

Other Spiritual Signs Someone is Thinking of You

  • Hiccups 

Hiccups are usually taken as a sign of impending drama by most people. But, hiccups are associated with someone talking about you or complaining about something you have before done to others.

You are well aware that people gossip and talk about you to boost their egos behind your back. It looks pitiful, but people continue to do it.

  • Mid Meal Discomfort 

It can happen that we are eating alone and not even speaking. Still, you start choking or coughing on your food all of a sudden without uttering a word. This sudden choking sensation could be caused by mental tension.

In this way, the brain responds to the tension of someone close to you.

  • Unexpected Emotions

You are with a group of individuals, and everyone is having a good time, but you suddenly feel sad for no apparent reason. This sudden shift in your emotions could result from experiencing someone else’s emotions.

To sense when someone is experiencing a strong emotion, you must be pretty close to them in the past or present.

  • Hearing Your Name

Positive thoughts come to you in the form of your name being called when you are on someone’s mind.

You might not be able to identify the voice calling out to you at all times. It is fine as it is still one of the most obvious signs that someone cares about you.

  • Eye Twitching

It is so annoying when one of your eyes twitches for no apparent reason! 

Many cultures believe that if your right eye twitches, it means someone is thinking negatively about you, whereas if your left eye twitches, it means someone is thinking positively about you.

The Science Behind Ringing in Ear

Apart from the spiritual belief, we can also consider the science behind ringing in the ear. Sometimes, we rely entirely on the spiritual aspects of situations until it becomes severe.

Ear ringing can also be a symptom of Tinnitus. In Latin, the word tinnitus means noise. Tinnitus is about ringing sounds and produces buzzing, clicking, and rushing sounds.

The technical definition of this concept is the “perception of sounds in the absence of stimulus in the surrounding environment”.  

Drugs such as aspirin, quinine, and certain antibiotics can lead to Tinnitus. Additionally, infections and severe head injuries can also cause ear ringing.

Therefore, one should have a checkup with an ENT specialist before connecting it with any spiritual aspect before it’s too late.

The Bottom Line

Ringing in the ears is a rare occurrence with many spiritual implications. Always note which ear is ringing and at what time it occurs.

Also, pay attention to how often the ringing occurs. Someone is almost certainly thinking or talking about you.

Some people also believe that if your ears ring when you think of someone, that person is also thinking/talking about you only. 

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