Does Kohl’s Resize Rings? (price, Locations, Wait Time + More)

When you’re getting married or planning a special event, you may need some information about where to get your ring sized/resized.

Well, it is a little surprising that they do not have a wedding ring repair service. However, if you are looking for a specific diamond or a particular wedding band style or ring, they can order them for you. They will even send them to you at half the price!

Does Kohl’s Resize Rings In 2022?

 A Kohl’s representative stated that Kohl’s does not offer a free ring resizing service and only offers resizing of rings of a specified price (for rings $100 or more) and only up or down one size of the ring.

If you want to know more about the Kohls’ Resizing service and how you can use it, and the ring sizes that they can resize, you can check out more information in the article!

How Much Does Kohl’s Resizing Service Cost?

Kohl’s will give your ring a free resizing if you are selling it at a higher price.

There will be a $20 service fee if the customer wants to remove the rings at a price less than what was selected at the time of ordering.

Does Kohl’s Resize On Location?

Kohl’s has a policy of sending the rings out to a company to be resized and sometimes this company may be another.

To keep the delay as quick as possible, I’d suggest you send the rings to a friend who works as a jeweler. They can resize them for you or at least give you a price estimate.

Does Kohl’s Resize All Types Of Rings?

Unfortunately, I’m not sure if this applies to your specific case. But I will say that if you want to purchase a sterling or tungsten ring then you may run into problems.

The rings are not able to maintain their current appearance after multiple times of being resized.

Which Other Retail Stores Offer Ring Sizing?

This ring size service is available for people who purchased their ring at a lower price range or in a faster service.


You may also want to consider signing up for a Kohl’s email list and/or joining a Kohl’s Rewards program.

If you are planning a wedding and are looking to find out more about the different types of rings, then it’s important that you learn about the different brands of rings in the world.


Fortunately, Kohl’s does offer a ring resizing service! Although they did offer the service for free when they first opened, they decided to include a fee for those who purchased their rings from another company. It is a bit costly at $19.00 (with a $20 tip included), but it does offer a quicker service.

– If the ring is under $100, they charge a $20 fee.
– The ring must be made from gold to be resized. (This is the only requirement for the goldsmith.)
– If the ring is larger than your original, they will cut it down to fit the ring comfortably.
– If the ring is smaller than your original, they will enlarge it a bit.

For people who are looking for jewelry options to help them feel like royalty, a local department store or major chain retailer will usually provide you with options that are less expensive.

When you are in a relationship and the other person doesn’t want to wear the ring, you should be flexible.

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