Costco Mattress Return Policy (all You Need to know)

The only way to do this is to have the app go to the web site, take a look at the products and then choose the one you want, but then you’d have to manually add that to your cart. Not much fun, especially since that’s not the way the app is setup.

For more information on mattress sizes, feel free to view our mattress size chart. If the mattress that was delivered to your home is too small or too large, do not panic! Simply contact our customer service staff within 48 hours of delivery. They will be happy to help you exchange the mattress for one that is better suited to your home!

Costco Mattress Return Policy 2022

Costco is still accepting returns of memory foam mattresses, but they will not accept mattresses that have been opened or that are wet. They will also not accept mattresses with visible stains or odors.

Costco will reimburse a mattress that is purchased at a store for replacement when it is discovered that the mattress is defective.

What Is Costco’s Return Policy For Mattresses? 

Costco offers their customers the chance to exchange a damaged mattress for a new one any time within the first year of purchase, which is up to 12 months from the date the mattress was purchased.

Costco can allow you to return your mattress at any time, so if it doesn’t fit your needs, you just need to return it for a full refund.

The mattress will only cost $75 to return, so why not take the chance to get a deal?

*Note that Costco has a separate policy for all other products and the return policy for these is to be returned via the company’s network of warehouse locations.

**Note that the cost of returning a mattress via the network of Costco warehouse locations is free.

If you need to move a mattress, it makes sense to get a removal company to help you. They can help you transport your mattress in the bed of their truck.

Can You Return An Opened Mattress To Costco? 

Though there are a lot of companies that have higher standards when it comes to unpackaged mattresses, Costco isn’t one of them.

Costco can accept mattresses without packaging because customers often need to try them out before deciding they don’t want or won’t use them.

How Long Do You Have To Return A Mattress To Costco?

Costco doesn’t have a policy for how long you’re allowed to keep the mattress.

Costco has a very lenient return policy, in that you can return an item at any time, subject to the item being in brand new condition.
If you ever have the issue of return, Costco will provide you with a return label, or in some cases a pre-paid label, which you can take to a store.

Even though it is used and was purchased a while ago, the employees at the returns counter might point out that it is likely that the mattress is old, and they may ask you to show them the receipt.

When you go to the store and find no one waiting there, they can return the mattress for you, or they can tell you to take it back to Home Depot where there are employees waiting for you to take the mattress back there.

On the other hand if you have a memory foam mattress, it could be that your mattress is not as comfortable as you hoped because this material takes longer to settle.

The open return policy is especially useful as many people have been able to complete a return months after purchase, with no issues.

Will You Be Refunded For Your Mattress Return?

It can take up to 10 business days for a credit to be applied to your account, and another 10 business days to be posted to your financial statement.

If you have returned the mattress to the store, and the store has refunded you, there will be minimal delays processing the refund. It will be processed back to the card originally used for purchase.

Alternatively, you can have your refund in cash, or processed into $10 Costco gift cards for the same value that is usable by members or non-members.

Make sure that you have paid for the item and put it back in the packaging without opening it.

So we won’t be able to process your refund until a Costco carrier picks up the mattress, and then drops it off at the depot.

Most purchases will appear on your credit card within 30 days. But you must check your statements for any refunds.

Can You Return A Mattress To Costco Online? 

You can get your return at the online return center page of You can easily request for a replacement or return of that product.

If you’re receiving a damaged or undeliverable package, track it to its final destination on the tracking number you received.

If you need help to return something–you can always call the number printed on the back of your receipt. You will be provided with prepaid shipping label.

Can You Return A Mattress To Costco Without A Receipt? 

1. You can return mattresses to Costco without an original receipt. Just be sure to bring your Costco member card with you to the Returns desk, as Costco will need your member number to look up your purchase history.

You don’t need the original packaging to return your mattress to Costco, but you do need the original package, in the original condition, for all parts and included accessories.

Can Someone Else Return Your Mattress To Costco For You? 

In this case, as an individual you cannot return a mattress for another person. This does not include a household member returning a mattress for themselves.

Returns are made to the original owner of the mattress, the card holder who originally purchased it.

If the mattress was purchased by the membership cardholder as a gift they are exempt from returns.

If a person buys a new mattress and they are not happy, the customer can return it. In that case, the purchaser will need the membership card number to get a refund.

Cash cards will be sent out to your credit card to be able to charge the refund.

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You can return mattresses to Costco, either in-store or online depending on how you purchased it, and refunds are processed quickly. There is no time period governing when you can return mattresses.

But you’ll need an address other than a Costco address to send it to.
In that case, you can either send it to your home address, or use the FedEx service for $5.

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