Amazon Mattress Return Policy (time Frames, How To Return, Exceptions, Air Mattresses + More)

There are many mattress stores available, both in-store and online! Companies such as IKEA, Wayfair and Amazon sell a wide variety of quality mattresses for reasonable prices.

If you’re planning on returning your mattress, you must do this yourself. Amazon does not help you in any way with mattress returns.

Amazon Mattress Return Policy In 2022

Mattresses sold on Amazon are not covered by the mattress warranty, so a return will not provide a refund. Also, it is possible that mattresses purchased from third party sellers on Amazon may not provide mattress warranty coverage, so a return of a refund would be denied.

If you are planning on returning your mattress, it is always important to know the terms of this service and whether or not it is available in your area. This information is covered in this article to help you make an informed decision.

What is Amazon’s Mattress Return Policy?

You have to accept return of the mattress for any reason that is within 100 days from date purchase.
If you accept return, you can get a credit and a return label.
If you reject return, you have to pay shipping fees to bring it back.

Mattresses that are currently on the market will not qualify for the giveaway. However, mattresses on backorder can be shipped to your home and the mattress will be shipped only after the mattress is delivered to the winner. If you don’t have a mattress on backorder you can go to to find out how much time you can take to receive your mattress.

The company is currently unable to take back mattresses that have been opened and expanded.

If you cannot return an item because its size was determined at the checkout, it may be returned at no cost and with no penalty to your account.

Do Amazon Mattresses Have a Warranty?

If Amazon sells a product, it is covered by the product’s manufacturer.

In order for customers to take advantage of a warranty or a refund, they must contact the manufacturer directly.

Bedbug mattress will provide limited warranty coverage to the original purchaser of this item. If this product is purchased within 2 years of the manufacturing date, the manufacturer will repair or replace, at its discretion, defective product for one year for the original purchaser. If the product is purchased 2 years or more after the manufacturing date, the manufacturer will repair or replace the product for one year for the original purchaser.

However, we do offer a 5-year warranty of all our products, so if you have had a problem with your purchase then please contact us by email at

Can I Return a Used Mattress to Amazon?

It is not possible to get Amazon to take back the mattress that you have bought.

The Amazon mattress disposal program is for mattress customers who are planning to purchase a new mattress and they want to have it shipped to a local recycling center.

If you want you can remove your mattress and take it home yourself. But if you don’t, Amazon will take it for free and destroy it in a landfill.

Furthermore, not all used or opened mattresses will qualify for Amazon’s pick-up service.

Most cases, it will depend on the companies selling the item as well as the regions of Amazon’s pick-up service that can currently be used at the moment.

Which Mattresses Can I Return to Amazon?

Customers returning mattresses to Amazon can return mattresses that are in unopened and that are smaller than full size mattresses.

Customers cannot return mattresses that are full-sized, generally between Queen and King sized mattresses because they are sold as ‘new’. The term new has the meaning set out in the Consumer Guarantees Act.

Customers can be refunded for a full-size mattress but they have to do the re-box themselves and they’re not allowed to keep a box, bed or mattress cover.

Mattress companies can allow the return of full-size mattresses through their company, but the individual brands may differ and the customers need to reach out to the brand directly.

How Do I Return a Mattress to Amazon?

You have to return the mattress to Amazon through the return instructions available for the product.

For more delivery guidelines and information about your delivery options, go to [].

Mattress shipping should be taken care of prior to getting the mattress out of the box. Mattresses need to be prepared for shipping and this procedure should take place before they are removed from the packaging.

The mattress is packed back in its original packaging. The customer must consult the return policy for the mattress they purchased as well as any individual rules the brand selling it may require.

Customers can choose how they would like their mattress shipped so they can have their mattress picked up or handled by a customer service representative.

Many Mattress sellers do not require customer to pay shipping costs for returns! However, customers should confirm their shipping requirements with the seller beforehand.

After comparing their return policy with other sellers to find other mattresses that meet their requirements, customers can contact Amazon customer service about printing shipping labels and where to return their mattresses!

If you have a specific question, please let them know.

Step 3. Customers should confirm that their return window is still valid before arranging for their mattress to be picked up or shipped.

In order to resolve any issues with the product, the customer needs to contact the manufacturer directly.

– When customers are returning the mattress, they must put it together in the same way they received it from Amazon.
– And if they decide to purchase the mattress for delivery, they can order it without returning the original mattress.

It is better for customers if they do not have the mattress pick up to them, so they can better finish their arrangements with the driver.

Can I Return an Air Mattress to Amazon?

If you want to return the air mattress, you have 90 days from when you ordered the mattress to do so. Some companies do not allow customer to get their money back if the damage was caused by a customer.

mattresses that are defective upon receipt could not be returned in accordance with the return policy.

If you buy from the individual seller directly, you may be able to cancel your order after it is already placed but before it ships.

Can I Return a Mattress to Amazon for Any Reason?

While you can return a mattress for any reason, you are allowed to return a mattress within 100 days of receiving your shipment from! However, since Amazon has extended the warranty period for most of the mattresses below, you are more likely to have more time to return a mattress.

There are things you do with a mattress that can cause it to not provide the same performance after some time. If this is happening, you may not be getting the same support or comfort as you had with the original mattress.

However, if a customer has the option to either donate the mattress themselves or allow Amazon to dispose of the mattress for them. Amazon doesn’t force a customer to select one option or the other.

Is Buying a Mattress on Amazon Worth It?

If you have no idea where to start, it’s always good to check out the best mattresses – you’d be surprised just how many options there are to choose from!

For example, an Inofia foam mattress is considered a high quality purchase for customers who have issues with back pain.

For mattress purchases, there’s no risk for customers, as they are able to return their mattresses for any reason as long as they’re returned within 100 days of their original arrival!

This kind of offer may be helpful for customers who wish to purchase a full-sized mattress, because they can take advantage of the store’s return policy. However, a customer who purchases a full-sized mattress online may want to purchase a return guarantee, which is less convenient.


You can initiate the return process for mattresses that have been opened or used by calling their toll-free number and arranging a pick-up and disposal! However, customers can’t use the return process for used mattresses by hand.

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