Does An Ikea Mattress Come Rolled Up? (how Long Can You Leave Rolled, Wait 72 Hours + More)

If you’re looking to buy an IKEA mattress, you’ll have to pay attention to the size of the model you want to get. That way you can ensure that you’ll be able to roll it up and take it to your place.

I’ve been looking into the way IKEA mattresses are sold, and other aspects to be aware of. Here’s what I’ve found!

Does An IKEA Mattress Come Rolled Up In 2022?

To make sure the mattress is properly sized, a mattress should be no less than 1 inch or more than 2 inches larger at the thickest section then it is at the thin section. The best way to ensure this is to measure the mattress before you buy it.

Can you take a mattress that cost $300 and roll it up again? This is the question that has been asked online by many folks who plan on sleeping on a new mattress. We have heard that customers are getting frustrated with this.

How Long Can You Leave An IKEA Mattress Rolled Up?

ıKEA says, you should unroll your mattress as soon as you can as the rolling method means it will take about 72 hours to expand to its full size and comfort again.

As you can roll your new mattress, it stays in the roll shape. So you can take your time putting it into your bed frame.

The foam in memory foam mattresses should not be folded over for more than two months at the most. If it is folded over it could potentially be damaged.

Do IKEA Mattresses Come In A Box?

Yes, there is a difference between IKEA mattresses and Spring mattresses, in both thickness and quality. And IKEA mattresses are much more expensive than spring mattresses.

The company saves money by not having to box the mattress, and instead the customer can transport the mattress themselves.

Can You Roll An IKEA Mattress Again?

You can try to roll your IKEA foam mattress back up again. However, it may prove difficult as once a mattress is unrolled, it’s incredibly hard to roll it back up.

Folding a mattress into a more manageable size by placing a piece of rope over the
center and folding the ends over it. The rope is used to tie the two halves together.

If you are moving in and out of a house and need to transport a mattress, this video will show you how to dot it.

As you can see, the springs are still fine, and they do not look any different than they did before.

Do You Have To Wait 72 Hours To Sleep On An IKEA Mattress?

As an IKEA mattress is rolled up for the convenience of transport, this will mean that your mattress will need to be unrolled and left to expand for a maximum of 72 hours.

The IKEA mattress and IKEA pillow are examples of in-store purchases, where you receive the product immediately upon purchase. If you are ordering the items online, they will be delivered to your home, so you have the option of returning them at your leisure.

To allow the mattress to inflate back to its original size, both in form and spring mattresses. Customers should wait approximately 72 hours and begin to use their mattress.

In addition to that, IKEA also advises that roll-packed mattresses should regain their shape within 3-4 days of use.

Will An IKEA Mattress Fit In My Car?

IKEA provides a set of instructions that includes a set of instructions on how to pack a rolled IKEA mattress for transport.

If you have a big vehicle, you can have a mattress delivered to your car. This can be folded into your car by yourself or by a delivery person.
Depending on your vehicle, it can cost between 50 and $100.

If you are going to drive your mattress from your home to the car to the store, you might want to make sure it fits in your car.

If you are in IKEA and trying to choose which mattress is the best, you should measure the mattress at your local store.

Can You Carry An IKEA Mattress?

You will probably need to purchase a cart so that you will be able to transport the mattress. You can also store the mattress in the trunk of your car to save space in your car.

When in-store, a team member will be happy to carry larger king and queen-size mattresses to the car.

How Long Does An IKEA Mattress Last?

IKEA says mattress should be changed every 8-10 years to keep it comfortable. Not everyone agrees. The mattress industry’s not very big, so they’re not concerned with trying to make a big difference in quality.

In addition, we offer a 25-year warranty on our mattresses. This is for any material defects in your product as well as wear and tear.

If you come across a defect in the mattress that is costing you a significant amount of money, IKEA can repair or replace it at no cost to you.

If you’re not sure whether an IKEA mattress is right for you, maybe you should read up on the IKEA mattress assembly guide, IKEA mattress assembly video, and IKEA mattress assembly tips.


IKEA mattresses also come rolled up; however, for this brand’s mattresses, they come with a cover that protects the mattress from dust and other harmful particles.

Do you remember how to work the pump?
There’s some really clear instructions on the packaging if you can’t remember.

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