Does Amazon Deliver Furniture? (cost, How Long, Large Furniture Items + More)

It’s always known for being very quick and on time in shipping large orders to a customer’s address at the same time, even packages that are heavy.

Customers who shop on Amazon regularly may notice that there are many furniture items for sale, but there is no option to send a package to your home. Today, I learned that Amazon is willing to deliver furniture that they sell to their customers.

Does Amazon Deliver Furniture In 2022?

The major thing that makes up the Prime service is the “Free Unlimited Two-Day Shipping”, and all Prime customers get to sign up for a free trial to ensure they are interested in the service. The other two perks are Free Same-Day shipping for select items, and Free Super Saver (additional fee) shipping on eligible items.

If you’re looking for more information on how much furniture delivery through Amazon costs, how long it takes to arrive, and other useful tips and information, then keep reading this article!

How Much Does Furniture Delivery Cost on Amazon?

You can take advantage of the free shipping. But it is only available for orders above $75.

Amazon is not an online store like many other large furniture retailers, rather Amazon is an e-commerce marketplace that allows consumers to buy goods, including furniture, directly from manufacturers.

Customers should note that sometimes furniture items such as lamps, footstools, and other small items may get shipped for free because they are priced so cheap.

Although most furniture on Amazon will generally be more expensive, you can always take a look at the shipping fees.

Customers can explore great deals on furniture when they use search terms like “furniture” or “furniture online” to visit!

Does Furniture From Amazon Qualify for Two Day Prime Shipping?

The only reason why you can’t get the item in 2 days or same day is because the item is not ordered from Amazon.

This is simply a matter of Amazon having a different inventory management system than Apple and other companies.

Some deliveries can be scheduled in advance to make sure it is delivered on time, and also to make sure the furniture arrives in good condition.

In order to deliver your furniture, you need to click the cart icon at the top of the page, proceed to checkout and the delivery time options will be available before selecting purchase.

How Long Does it Take to Get Furniture Delivered from Amazon?

Because Amazon uses a third-party delivery service for furniture and other large items, shipping times will vary.

For more information about an item, please click on the “Look Inside” icon to see
how it looks and check the specifications page for a price estimate.

You can find additional information about this item in the [Item Description].

Depending on the item, the shipping time is 4- 14 business days.

With the 14-day free shipping Amazon guarantee, you also have seven days to decide if you like a product or not.

It also has begun rolling out to individual delivery services, to provide tracking numbers to customers placing furniture orders.

The delivery system might vary depending on where the customer is located. However, if there is a tracking number, it will be displayed on their order page.

Does Amazon Deliver Furniture to Your House?

Amazon has a program called Key by Amazon that means that delivery drivers can have a fully stocked truck and deliver directly to your home.

This service allows the delivery guy to access your house to move the furniture for you. They will haul it inside and place it where you want.

Key by Amazon also assures customers of their security and privacy, and with this system, customers receive a key that is uniquely theirs, and which can be found on an app.

Deliveries will be made securely without any risk to their home or belongings

The delivery is secure (and free of charge).

The delivery is free of charge.

The delivery is free.

The delivery is free.

The delivery is free.

Do Amazon Drivers Assemble Furniture Upon Delivery?

Recently Amazon reported that they have begun tasking delivery drivers with both unpacking and building furniture for the customer that placed the order!

When talking about the date of the opening, it is not yet known. Therefore, customers who are thinking of placing orders to Amazon are urged to continue to follow this situation.

While there is no service that Amazon has that allows you to have your furniture assembled, you may be able to get an Amazon Prime member to do it for you!

Customers can select this option when they check out with the furniture they want and have a time available in their personal routine that fits that furniture.

If you are interested in knowing more about Amazon’s shipping and delivery services, then you might also be interested in reading up on the things that Amazon doesn’t ship to your city, and about the time that Amazon ships to you.


Amazon offers furniture delivery through a third party.

The delivery times in the product descriptions will vary depending on where the furniture is coming from, how quickly they need to deliver the furniture, the shipping method they choose, and how they will get it to your house.

Amazon doesn’t charge for furniture delivery and it’s easy to have the furniture delivered directly into your home through the Key by Amazon service.

But furniture delivery does not qualify for Free Same Day Shipping.

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