Will Big Lots Deliver Furniture? (all You Need To Know)

The store is a huge success and it has many customers because it works on giving value and discount.

A majority of the furniture at Big Lots is available for delivery, and this is something you should look into if you’re considering purchasing some furniture from the store. Most Big Lots locations are open on a Monday-Sunday basis.

Will Big Lots Deliver Furniture In 2022?

And thanks to the Big! Delivery Program, Big Lots only charges a flat rate to deliver heavy and large furniture that cannot be shipped through FedEx. For large furniture that cannot be shipped through FedEx, Big Lots delivers the furniture through the BIG! Delivery Program.

If you want to know about the Big Lots furniture delivery process or delivery options, keep reading for more information!

What Are the Big Lots Furniture Delivery Options?

If you need to specify a shipping address for merchandise in your order, please do so.

– Regular Shipping

– Furniture Carrier

– The delivery may be made to a person (PERSONAL DELIVERY or PICK UP at YOUR DOORstep), or to a location (DELIVER TO LOCATION or DELIVER AT YOUR DOORstep).

It’s not a question of whether the business days refers to Monday through Friday, excluding public holidays. It’s a question of whether the business days excludes public holidays.

For more information on which delivery options are available, the delivery options, and the rates associated with them, please see our Big! Delivery FAQ.

How Much Does Furniture Delivery Cost at Big Lots?

Furniture delivery costs for shipping small furniture from Big Lots are dependent on the shipping option selected and the size of the items in the order.

In many cases, we are able to reduce shipping costs on orders shipping to the state of Texas.
In some cases, we are able to reduce shipping costs to the state of Delaware.

For example, some larger pieces of furniture may not be delivered because of the cost involved in taking it somewhere else.

Once you finish shopping online, you will receive a notification of the shipping, handling, and taxes before you confirm the order.

If you are ordering a big item, or an item that you don’t order often, Big Lots will charge you a flat rate.

How Long Does It Take to Get Furniture From Big Lots?

There is no fixed date for when you will receive your furniture from Big Lots. However, you will receive an estimate of when your furniture will be shipped to you from Big Lots in the estimate box during checkout.

If you need to arrange delivery, we will ship the items to the address you provide and then you will have 1-3 days to make the delivery arrangements.

This is provided in the confirmation email you’ll get after the order is processed. Tracking can also be found at http://www.worldwide-web.com/track.php.

If you need to schedule an inventory picking, you will be called by the company to make sure you are available for an appointment and to confirm the appointment date.

Do You Tip Big Lots Furniture Delivery Guys?

Tipping delivery people is recommended and dependent on the customer. However, it’s recommended to show appreciation for their services.

You will be able to track the progress of your furniture delivery and pay the delivery driver online.

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Will Big Lots Deliver Furniture on the Same Day?

Big Lots has a “same-day delivery” option available in select stores when you order furniture from biglots.com.

For your convenience you may also order items on the website and have them shipped to a physical
Big Lots store. You may still have to pay a shipping fee when ordering products from the

You may incur a flat rate for same day delivery on certain furniture items, depending on your orders size and the items being delivered.

What If the Furniture Delivered From Big Lots Is Damaged?

Big Lots delivers damaged furniture items to its customers through the store. You can contact the company’s customer care service through 1-866-BIG-LOTS (244-5687).

What Are the Other Alternatives for Delivering Furniture From Big Lots?

These furniture delivery services take care of moving your furniture to your new home instead of delivering by Big Lots.

A customer in your apartment while you are in India doesn’t have to download the Instacart app or visit the website. They can just order through the app or website.

When you are buying or selling furniture through Dolly, the service provider will assign a personal shopper who will select items and deliver the furniture for a fee.

There is a button on the Go Share app’s home screen for requesting delivery professionals for a furniture delivery from Big Lots.

The user can tap the button to view a list of professionals who can complete the furniture delivery.

I was charged for an additional delivery service to bring my furniture from the store to my home.

If you order things online, you will get faster delivery from Pickup than from Big Lots.

To find out more about Big Lots, you can also read our post on Big Lots price, Big Lots address, and the Big Lots closing time.


You could shop at Big Lots, and they would send your items(furniture) to the shipping address that you’ve provided.

If you have large items; the Flat Rate Delivery option is recommended so you can order extra padding and help keep your furniture safe in the event you have a larger shipment.

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