Who Makes Furniture For Big Lots? (all You Need To Know)

The discount store has a number of the cheapest furniture products sold in the US, in particular, brands such as Ikea and Mattress Firm. There is a private label brand as well, ‘Penny Lane’.

At Big Lots, we make our furniture here in the US. However, our furniture is made for us by our manufacturers.

Who Makes Furniture for Big Lots In 2022?

The furniture sold under Big Lots is acquired through a partnership with private label brands or the brands own by Big Lots. The private label brand is operated by Big Lots. It sells furniture manufactured by Broyhill.

If there’s anything you would like to know about Big Lots’ furniture, what it’s made of and much more, keep reading!

Where Does Big Lots Get Its Furniture?

The only reason Big Lots gets big is because they take on all the inventory from other retailers and wholesalers, and that is the only reason Big Lots get really big.

The items are made by companies like Simmons, Serta, Signature Design by Ashleys, and Ameriwood Home.

I’ve seen so many great furniture brands all on one site, I hope you will find the best deal when you buy.

This is one of the few new retailers that have taken the brand and made it their own.

Who Makes Broyhill Furniture for Big Lots?

Big Lots owns the Broyhill brand of furniture, which is made by an undisclosed Chinese-owned company.

The items in this sale were previously owned by Heritage Home Group when it was in financial trouble.

Big Lots decided to get out of bed with the Chinese furniture brand and they have no idea what the hell they are doing.

The retailer has stocked furniture from the Broyhill brand and licensed other types to other players in the industry.

Does Big Lots Sell Well Made Furniture?

The furniture sold at Big Lots is not made by the retailer, but is acquired from a wholesaler. The wholesaler may not have sold to Big Lots, but has sold to other retailers who then supply Big Lots.

Big Lots cannot guarantee that it is completely free from defects.

My sister and I were not able to sell any of the furniture, because it did not match our aesthetic taste.

The furniture may be broken or the upholstered is damaged. Big Lots also sells high-quality items in the stores.

The quality of the furniture has gone down because Big Lots is no longer involved in the production of Broyhill-brand merchandise.

Do Big Lots Own Private Label Brand Furniture?

The company which operates the Big Lots stores, Big Lots LLC, owns the Real Living brand.

The company offers all kinds of furniture for home use, to decorate your room at a reasonable price.

The Real Living and Broyhill brands have made it possible for Big Lots to offer slightly more expensive furniture.

The Real Living furniture range covers a wide selection of patio décor, indoor décor, and storage décor, as well as outdoor tables and outdoor furniture.

What Are Big Lots Furniture Made Out Of?

The products that are made in China are the ones made of a high-quality wood.

The manufacturer will make the items in the same materials as the rest of the brand.

It is a really versatile way to create a luxurious, relaxing and well decorated bathroom.

The brand was well-known for its high-quality materials and finishings, but now buyers of these items are protesting that the items are being made by non-durable material.

Although Real Living items were initially marketed as having a high-quality leather-like covering, customers have complained that after a short period of time, the material peels apart.

Does Big Lots Furniture Come Assembled?

Big Lots furniture doesn’t come with instructions and it is hard to assemble.

If you hire a third-party delivery service to assemble furniture in your home, this service will also help to deliver the furniture.

If the wood for an item is incorrectly cut, the item’s warranty may be voided.

The furniture is still assembled, but the rest of the requirements are not met yet.

Where Can I Get Information About Where Big Lots Furniture Is Made?

If you’re shopping online, you can access if it was made to your measurements by clicking on the product description.

If you don’t know where the items were sold, you can contact the retailer directly via its website, and ask for the specific information.

What Kind of Furniture Can I Get at Big Lots?

Big Lots sells furniture which you can use for any purpose. It doesn’t matter if you are a single person or a big family, Big Lots is the place to find furniture.

Outdoor and indoor furniture is sold by the retailer for every room in the house, including storage furniture, and outdoor furniture.

If you are interested in more, you might also be interested in learning more about the Big Lots furniture business and how the Big Lots furniture is made.


– Big lots doesn’t control the manufacturing.
– Big lot doesn’t sell most of the furniture. However, Big Lots has a relationship with a company that makes furniture.

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