Is Great Value A Walmart Brand? (when Did It Launch, Discontinued + More)

While Great Value is a Walmart exclusive, the store doesn’t own Walmart’s Great Value brand. They own Walmart’s Great Value private label brand.

You can’t go wrong with any of their products. They just make great gifts. They are good quality and a very reasonable price. I was even surprised by the high-quality of their products.

Is Great Value a Walmart Brand In 2022?

With 300 million in sales every year, Great Value is the most developed private-label brand found at Walmart, and there are hundreds of Great Value products available in 2022. Great Value can be found in household goods, such as trash bags, light bulbs, coffee creamer, and toilet paper. Great Value is also available in the grocery aisle with frozen dinners, frozen vegetables, bread, canned foods, and pies.

If you want to know more about Great Value, such as when was it started and when did it stop being made, continue reading to find out all of the facts!

When Was Great Value Launched?

The beginning of Walmart’s discounting strategy was actually the launch of the Great Value chain. Their first store was a SuperValu/Walmart store in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin.

The Walmart brand was improved to make more products available to low-income families and to better connect its customers to the company.

Is Walmart Discontinuing Great Value?

Walmart is planning to continue to expand Great Value, and it’s planning on creating other new products and new categories for the brand.

This new store is located in Texas and it is also named Walmart Great Value. This store offers a variety of goods, including toilet paper and toothbrushes.

Where Can You Find the Great Value Brand?

You can even get Great Value in some of the following countries:
If you want to see a list of every country that Great Value is available in, click here.

Who Makes the Great Value Brand for Walmart?


I’ve included every single brand name in the sentence to help you recognize them.

We’ve put together a list of the brand names in the sentence. This list might contain many different brands.

How Much Does Walmart Make off of Great Value?

Walmart has a highly successful private brand called Great value which generates more than $27 billion per year in revenue.

What Does Walmart Sell Under Great Value?

It should be noted that the only product that will be sold under the LTL Great Value brand is the one LTL Great Value has purchased and will sell, under their agreement with Walmart.

Is Great Value Only Available at Walmart?

You have to visit Walmart or Sam’s Club to find Great Value products and they are not sold in other places.

Is Walmart Great Value Good?

You’ll find that the GV branded products are worth buying because most of them are made by national brands and that it can depend on what you’re purchasing.

People have complained that Great Value trash bags rip when they get just a little full, so it’s better to pay a little more to buy a name brand.

While there is some truth to that statement, the Girl Scouts are the ones who will get the most recognition because they sell cookies and have been around for a long time.

However, I have found that the Great Value eggs beat the name brand (they are from the same company, and I’m told the eggs from the name brand are usually fresher than the name brand). And I haven’t found the Great Value instant coffee to make a difference over Folgers.

Is Great Value Brand Good for You?

When it comes to healthy food, the higher priced products tend to have more healthy ingredients and less ingredients that are bad.

If you’re looking for something that is very unhealthy, the name brands are better because they contain a lot more artificial ingredients, preservatives, and chemicals.

If you don’t care about how unhealthy something is, the name brands are better for you, although you pay more for them.

Although Breyer’s Oreo cookies are healthier than Great Value Cookies and Cream ice cream, Breyer’s Oreo cookies are about 20 cents more expensive.

Even though there is some sugar in these cookies and cream ice creams, there is still good sugar content.

Additionally, the Great Value has a higher sugar content than Breyer’s because it contains sucrose instead of maltodextrin (the sugar commonly used in ice cream). Breyer’s has 14 grams of sugar compared to the Great Value’s 17 grams.

What Great Value Products Should You Avoid?

Great Value can make or break your financial situation. In addition to the items listed above, there are other items you should avoid on Great Value’s web site.

Many ingredients for these foods are expensive, or exotic (think dried tiger balm, or freeze dried dandelion greens, for example) and it’s always a gamble as to whether or not the food will actually be good based on the ingredients and how it’s been produced.

The Great Value line of products include many things you may not have heard of before, such as peanut butter crackers, granola, fruit snacks, and even some frozen waffles!

If you do not own these Great Value products, you can also read about their products’ characteristics and how they are made.


Walmart bought a great-but-lame private-label brand in 2011 in an effort to compete against Amazon — and a month after it was bought, Walmart started using the private label in its own-label.

Furthermore, Great Value has expanded in recent years to include many more house hold items consumers need but they are much cheaper compared to name brands.

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