How Long Do Subway Cookies Last? + Other Common Faqs

Subway is also known for offering tasty, delicious cookies, and is one of the better-known franchises in the U.S. for that.

We’ll be looking at the first two steps to keeping your Subway cookie fresh.

Step 1: Store the cookies properly

The first step is to store them correctly.

How Long Do Subway Cookies Last In 2022?

Subway cookies typically last 3 days after being purchased as of 2022. However, Subway cookies can be stored in airtight containers and be placed in the fridge. Additionally, Subway cookies can be frozen for use at a later date.

We’ll tell you everything you need to know about Subway cookies, including how to make them, how long they last, what to do with them, and how to store them.

Do Subway Cookies Expire?

However, like all of your favorite foods, Subway cookies will eventually expire.

If Subway cookies have not been wrapped in foil, they will have a shelf life of up to 72 hours (7 days) if stored properly.

Also, Subway sandwiches are only kept for one day, after which Subway employees toss them in the garbage.

But if you do wish to preserve your sub cookies longer, you can store them in an airtight container or freeze them.

How Do I Store Subway Cookies?

To store Subway cookies, it’s best to take them off the packaging they came in.

There are cookies that are not as similar as other cookies like cookies that were used for e-commerce transactions and tracking.

Don’t store chocolate chips in the same container with cookies. This can cause the chocolate chips to melt through the cookies and stain the surface of the container.

In case your Subway cookies haven’t arrived yet, we’ve got some great sandwich recipes, including turkey and ham, roast beef, and even a classic cheeseburgers.

Moreover, this storage method can keep your Subway cookies fresh by just making sandwiches for a few hours.

Can I Freeze Subway Cookies?

Yeah, you can freeze them in a freezer. If you do that, you can also remove the cookie part and then put it back in the freezer.

When you store different flavored Subway cookies together, you risk a lot of flavor mixing which results in a bad sandwich.

To keep your baked cookies from disappearing into your mouth, freeze them in a Ziploc bag.

Well, you can freeze them in a freezer safe container, which makes it easy to remove with a spatula.

If you have a large quantity of cookies, you can bake them ahead of time and freeze them to save space. However, this will affect the shape and flavor of your cookies.

Subway cookies can last in the freezer and can be frozen for months.

Defrosting the ice cream sandwich can be done by removing the ice cream sandwich from the container and placing it on a plate.

Then you can leave your Subway cookies at room temperature, to allow them to defrost.

If you wish to speed things up for your Subway cookies, you can place cookies into a microwave container and cook on full power for 30 seconds.

How Do You Preserve Subway Cookies?

Another way of preserving Subway cookies is to place a piece of white bread within the container.

A good thing to do is to place the cookies in the fridge so that extra moisture stays out of the container.

Can I Heat Subway Cookies?

Even though it’s the same exact recipe, adding a little heat and some spice makes them taste like your Subway cookies.

To protect your cookies from heat, put them on a microwave safe plate that has a towel covering them.

The microwave oven will be turned on to the desired time of 15 to 20 minutes. After that, the cookies will be ready to be served to guests.

What Does Subway Do With Old Cookies?

If the cookie is not sold the next day its quality will decrease because of the air in the store.

The cookie from Subway was still moist, but the texture didn’t seem as good as the first cookie.

The same day, I went home and ate those cookies and compared them to the cookie in the plastic container. I discovered that the cookies in the container tasted much better than the ones I ate previously.

Also, Subway will be rotating their cookies to ensure they stay fresh for customers.

However, Subway has acknowledged that unsold cookies can make the menu look “unbalanced” because the cookies are in the front, making people think there are more cookies in the back.

Does Subway Make Its Cookies?

The cookies made by Otis Spunkmeyer are of a high quality, which allows Subway to be the best in the world.

Can I Make My Own Subway Cookies?

As well as purchasing cookies from Subway, I have found a bunch of recipes online, to help you make your own Subway cookies. These can be stored and frozen.

I have also seen other countries and companies try to mimic those foods that are popular.

For example, in Korea they have made their own version of a popular American snack food called a “crispy shell”.

It is basically a fried, crunchy snack that is made up of fried potato chips and other crispy snacks inside.

to read the details, visit our post on whether or not Subway has soup, if Subway has a seafood sub, and how long are Subway sandwiches good for.


The average time that it takes to eat cookies at a Subway is 36 hours.

If you can’t keep them in the freezer, put them in a Ziploc bag
and put them in the refrigerator.

The company has recently been criticized for their poor quality cookies, which it throws away after just 48 hours.

Also, Subway routinely changes its food choices to ensure customers never purchase the same boring, standard sandwich.

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