23 Home Depot Statistics, Facts, & Trends (full Guide)

Home Depot is a very popular store that helps people do their home improvement projects and has cemented itself as a leading home improvement store.

In 1982 there was a Home Depot located in the parking lot of a Wal-Mart, which later became the first Home Depot. Home Depot would grow and expand into areas like Europe and Asia.

23 Home Depot Statistics, Facts, & Trends In 2022

1. The Idea Started In A Coffee Shop

The founders of the Home Depot, Bernie Marcus and Arthur Blank, first started the business in Georgia, at Bernard Marcus’s coffee shop!

The Home Depot, America’s leading home improvement chain, is celebrating the 45th anniversary of its founding.

2. The First Home Depot Stores Were In Atlanta

The Home Depot was built on the premise of helping both the customer and the store owner, giving a sense of community, which is still important to its customers.

The stores were huge, even by the standards of the day, they had sixty thousand square feet of floor space and there was a great deal of equipment in them.

3. Home Depot Once Ran DIY Classes For Customers

By changing the way that American did D.I.Y work through their store concept they created a space where a community could meet in order to solve problems in any way they wanted.

To achieve the same end goal the Marcus brothers decided on The Home Depot Company as their main source for home improvement products.

The shop’s goal is to build a relationship with customers by being down to earth and not treating like robots.

4. Home Depot Has A ‘Whatever It Takes’ Philosophy

The founders of Home Depot saw the customer as the center of their business. They felt that they should always be on the side of the customer and try to make the customer’s life easier by giving them the best price and service.

this allowed their customer service team to know what the client wanted and how to make the customer’s experience as positive as possible.

They even succeeded in capturing this brand philosophy into three simple words.

5. The D.I.Y Store Was Founded In 1978

Originally, a home improvement store was a store that sold mainly home improvement products, such as paint, hardware, power tools, etc.

They were born and raised in the Northeast United States. They attended college at the University of Kansas.

After they were sacked from their jobs, they worked hard to create their own business and saw it grow.

6. Home Depot Had An Estimated 1.76 Billion Customer Transactions In 2020

The store is a giant one. It has an enormous volume of sales.

As long as home improvement stores continue to have fun and exciting products and services, there will no doubt be a steady stream of customers coming through the doors. But this isn’t just about Home Depot, and its sales, this is about the future of all retailers, and that’s why this isn’t just about Home Depot, but about Home Depot’s sales.

7. Home Depot Gives Back To Various Local Communities And Charity Organizations

Its employees make donations to a wide range of projects via the Home Depot Foundation, most of them charities and organizations.

These included famous names like the American Red Cross organization and Meals on Wheels America.

8. Home Depot Stocks More Than 30 Thousand Different Products

the store always looks like a shopping mall, and it’s no surprise when you consider that it stocks around 35 thousand products.

In fact, Home Depot is the most visited store in the United States, with customers visiting the company at least once a week.

9. Home Depot Has A Mascot Named Homer D. Poe

Since 1981, Home Depot has had a mascot named Homer D. Poe, a fun pun to represent an accessible, family-friendly store.

Some sentences (and more), in which a paraphrase changes the meaning of the original.

According to this game with Homer and Bart, Homer and Marge marry after he comes out of the ground. He also has a mascot wife made up for him named Daisy, and according to this fun and interactive game with Homer, they even share a dog called Carl together.

10. Home Depot Has Been Operating In Mexico For Over 20 Years!

The group’s Mexico division celebrated 20 years of success by buying a large number of home improvement brands.

All Home Depot stores are just like the home improvement stores from the U.S.

11. Home Depot Is The Largest DIY Retailer In Mexico

As of May 31, 2018, the store total was just over $1 billion USD.

1. A.It has about 5400 stores in Canada and about 2000 stores in USA.
B.It has about 5400 stores in Canada and about 5400 stores in the U.S.

12. Home Depot Has Had Six Slogan Changes Since The 90s

13. Home Depot Has Over 90 Distribution Centers

Home Depot has 90 distribution centers that are located across the United States so it can keep up with its transaction and on-line orders rates.

14. Home Depot Pro Incorporates Numerous Popular Brands

15. Home Depot’s Website Attracts Over 100 Million Visitors On An Annual Basis

In 2008, a study done by Compete.com found that the Home Depot website gathered over 120 million visitors during the year.

The company has been focusing on its online business by investing heavily in online sales, store locations, as well as its app.

16. Home Depot Has Exclusive Access To Well-known Brands

There are some deals that you may not know about, such as that you can use a voucher to buy a shirt for £99.99 instead of £129.99.

17. Home Depot Is Environmentally Conscious

The store is very environmentally conscious by tackling issues head-on.

Home Depot has been making sure to reduce the carbon footprint from its operations, and now it’s going one step further with the development of a company-wide environmental plan.

18. Home Depot Historically Supports The Republican Political Party

Bernie Marcus worked as a board member and former CEO of Home Depot from 1986 to 1990. In the 1980’s he was one of the biggest supporters of the Republican party.

19. Home Depot Has Stores All Over The World

20. Controversy Surrounded The Construction Of Home Depot Stores Following A Devastating Tornado In 2011

The Joplin tornado created a gap in the wall for several feet. This led to the deaths of 7 people.

A federal lawsuit was filed asking the Home Depot to change the design of its stores. The lawsuit said the stores weren’t safe for customers. According to the lawsuit, the design causes the stores to be more dangerous for customers. The lawsuit also calls into question the safety of the design.

21. Home Depot Has A Customer ‘Bill Of Rights’

Among the customer rights included in this bill of rights are the right to a customer service representative who speaks the customer’s language, the right to adequate notice, the right to be informed of product complaints or charges, and the right to a refund within a reasonable amount of time.

If you want the best variety of products, to buy from the best quality and at the best prices, we’ll provide that to you. We appreciate your business.

22. Home Depot Was Fined For Lead Paint Violations

There is much more than can be said about DIY stores. Because they have become a real problem for the people in the US. And every year, they are fined millions of dollars for violating the use and the restrictions legally in place with lead paint.

23. Home Depot Enjoyed A Revenue Of $110.2 Billion In 2019

Operating income is calculated by taking sales and subtracting cost of goods sold. Net income is calculated by adding earnings from continuing operations and subtracting other income, excluding gains or losses from the sale of certain assets.

In total assets and equity, the company has accumulated $51 billion and $3 billion, respectively.

Home Depot has a mission of ‘Home Improvement.’ It focuses on home improvement and design services and it is targeted towards people around the globe.


This article lists some important things about The Home Depot. It explains the origin of the company, the founder’s role in shaping the company, the company’s expansion, and so on.

A new record of being largest retailer in the world was broken when Home Depot had more than 12,000 stores in 60 countries.

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