Home Depot Mission (core Mission & Analysis)

Consumers are increasingly shopping at stores whose mission is to make a positive impact on the environment and on community.

Home Depot’s mission is to “deliver exceptional value to the customers that we serve”. Home Depot is a leader in the home improvement industry. I think this is because customers can find the most affordable items at Home Depot and the company can offer many different products, including “everything from flooring, paint and wallpaper to garden supplies, home furnishings, and lighting”.

Home Depot Mission In 2022

*The mission of Home Depot is to provide its customers with the most
competitive prices for an ever-expanding range of high-quality products,
without compromising on excellent customer service.
*The retailer achieves this through its “whatever it takes” philosophy and
markets it through its “How doers get more done” slogan.

Well, let’s start by knowing what Home Depot is all about. Home Depot is an American home improvement retailer located in Atlanta, Georgia. The official slogan of the brand is “The Ultimate Source of Home Improvement”.

What Are The Core Values Of Home Depot?

 The work ethic behind all Home Depot employees is based on these eight core values: safety, customer satisfaction, integrity, honesty, quality, values, responsibility, and teamwork.

What Does Home Depot Do To Uphold Its Mission Statement?

1. Home Depot believes that it has a responsibility to its customers and that it must provide a safe and pleasant environment.

What Is The Current Slogan For Home Depot?

Home Depot changed its slogan to “How doers get more done” from its former “More saving, More doing” which was introduced in 2018.

Home Depot, which is the leading store for home improvement and DIY products, wants to give people a boost in their productivity and projects.

What Were The Old Slogans For Home Depot?

Home Depot often has slogans for marketing purposes that later become the standard for its branding.

Here are some old slogans of the home improvement retailer.

Does Home Depot Have A Mascot?

In 2019, when it was revealed that Homer D. Poe was going to be replaced with a new character, Homer the Genius, after decades of fans’ requests.

Gwyn Raker illustrated a number of books by Homer D. Poe, and according to The Home Depot, he also has a wife named Daisy and a dog called Carl.

The mascot is often seen in the advertisements and the Home Depot’s help guides and instruction manuals.

Occasionally, a life-size mascot will be featured at Home Depot stores!

What Is Home Depot’s Marketing Strategy?

Home Depot uses marketing strategy to include adjusting of marketing tactics to suit wider phenomena.

This allows the store to maintain a position of power within the daily activities of a modern person.

For example, when the economy is doing well, Home Depot’s slogan is “More saving. More doing”. When the economy is in a recession, Home Depot’s slogan becomes “More saving. Less doing”.

The business is also looking at eCommerce marketing as a business strategy, recognizing the importance of social media in today’s society.

Home Depot has also included a great web site that will provide you with all the information concerning your shipment and the products that you have purchased.

What Is Home Depot’s Target Market And Customer Base?

Home Depot’s target audience is [the type of people] as the following.

What Is Home Depot’s Philosophy?

Home Depot has published that they have a “whatever it takes” philosophy that they employ within their staff training programs, and in day-to-day store practices.

This philosophy means going beyond what is required for customers. As such, it is not really a single philosophy and it is hard to assign one person to it.

The other philosophy is the following four:

1st: Customer Centric: This philosophy means making the store and the employees focus on the customers and helping them make the most out of the store. The employee’s role is to always be focused on the customer and to make sure that the customer is having a good time and the experience is a good one.

For more information about Home Depot and the other hardware stores, you can also take a look at our other posts on the topic.


Home Depot is a DIY home renovation store that centers its core values on a “whatever it takes” philosophy which includes the philosophy of “it can’t be done”.

Home Depot focuses mainly on providing high-quality and affordable products at competitive prices while maintaining the highest standards of customer service.

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