Does Dairy Queen Accept Ebt? (all You Need To Know)

A new report found that the Dairy Queen chain and other fast food restaurants are exploiting a loophole at McDonald’s and Starbucks by converting their food into a form that can be purchased with EBT cards.

– SNAP is a government program used to help assist low-income families.
– EBT is a plastic card used by SNAP recipients to purchase food in grocery stores.
– It can be used at almost any grocery store.
– All you need to do to get started is to be eligible for SNAP and be willing to sign up for the card.

Does Dairy Queen Accept EBT In 2022?

In the coming weeks, the United States Department of Agriculture will be sending out information for the new 2019 benefits year! To read more about this new year in benefits, keep reading!

What Forms Of Payment Does Dairy Queen Take?

DQ accepts major credit cards and debit cards, such as Visa, American Express, Mastercard, and Discover.

McDonald’s accepts both Apple Pay and other digital wallets, as well as cash.

Furthermore, you must use your EBT card in the DQ restaurant in order to use the Restaurant Meals Program.

What Can You Buy With An EBT Card?

When you use your EBT card you can buy food at the grocery store.

However, in many cases the prices of the goods that qualify for the SNAP benefits are too high for families to afford.

What Can’t You Buy With An EBT Card?

If you want the EBT card to be used for buying some items, then you have to remove the following items.

So you can’t buy food prepared by the restaurant kitchen, but you can bring food into the campus dining halls that has already been prepared by the kitchen chefs.

How Does Dairy Queen Check My EBT Eligibility?

If you are participating in the SNAP program, your EBT card will have a coded number associated with it telling you which items it can buy for you. This is called SNAP eligibility coding.

If you are not participating in SNAP, your EBT card will be coded as “N/A.” This means it cannot be used for SNAP purchases.

Now, if you are under the Restaurant Meals Program, participating DQ locations will accept your SNAP card automatically due to the coding.

This means that your Dairy Queen customers will not have to show any of their information to the cashier. This could save them a lot of time.

How Else Can You Save Money At Dairy Queen?

The app gives you a 10% discount on most items unless you order online.

If you’re like me, you probably use at least a few Dairy Queen apps. And if you use them, you’ve probably found yourself wishing they would just give you a 10% discount by default.

I would like to propose a way to enable that for everyone, without having to have all their apps downloaded.

With that, you can earn points by using the App. You can collect these points and use them to purchase free food and drinks.

The Dairy Queen app gives you access to deals and coupons that will save you money when you order.

And the next time you take a Dairy Queen order, why not reward yourself with a Blizzard Fan Club card? By putting your card on the Blizzard Fan Club card you get two free Blizzards. You can get your card by signing up and signing in to your Blizzard Fan Club account at

A happy hour is also offered at participating locations during which you can get $2 premium fruit smoothies and $1 Misty Slushes.

If you want to know more about the history and traditions of the most popular fast food, you can also read about our posts on how to order a Blizzard, Dairy Queen history, and Dairy Queen dress code.


If you qualify for the Restaurant Meals Program, which allows SNAP benefits to be used for fast-food restaurants, Dairy Queen will accept your EBT card. However, you must use your EBT card just as you would use cash to make your purchase. Your EBT card will not be accepted if it is counterfeit or tampered with in any way.

To be eligible to receive Restaurant Meals, you must be in the food insecure group (old, homeless, or have a disability).

For example:
Suppose that you have an EBT card with $100 on it.
You buy groceries for a week that cost $50.
Your EBT card doesn’t have enough money to pay for the groceries, and you don’t have enough money to buy food.
You’re unable to buy food because of the limitation imposed by the SNAP program (the federal program that provides food stamps, or EBT).

If you don’t have an account with an agency to get it delivered, you can also get it delivered through places like Wal-Mart and Target.

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