Subway Cookie Flavors + Other Common Faqs

You can bring your own container to buy cookies at the store, but they go quickly. If you have a sweet tooth and want to get a taste of Subway’s specialty cookie, make a quick trip to your local Subway and treat yourself

When Subway is asked about what cookie flavors they have, they don’t have new cookie flavors because there isn’t any. However, there is a good chance your favorite cookie flavor might be out of stock. It would also make sense that some of your favorite cookie flavors might be seasonal.

Subway Cookie Flavors In 2022

As of 2020, Subway sells a few cookie flavors, including chocolate chunk and white macadamia, as of 2022. Also, Subway sells its cookies, supplied by Otis Spunkmeyer, in the store and individually. Subway regularly introduces new cookie flavors seasonally, and occasionally offers free cookies on certain days.

For more information about Subway cookies, including which type of cookies Subway is using, and where Subway gets its cookies from, just keep reading!

What Cookie Flavors Does Subway Have?

As of now, Subway has a wide range of cookies. It’s possible that some of the franchises will use these cookies in the future.

Here are the cookie flavors you can expect to see at your local subway:

  • Chocolate chip
  • Double chocolate chip
  • Sugar cookie
  • Chocolate rainbow
  • Oatmeal raisin
  • Raspberry cheesecake
  • White chip macadamia nut
  • Peanut butter

Does Subway Have A New Cookie?

Subway is usually in a hurry to introduce new options to its menu.

The newest Cookies of the Subway franchise are the Caramel Brownie, introduced to the menu in December 2020.

If you don’t like chocolate, you’ll be happy to know that each cookie has a small amount of chocolate in it, and they contain chocolate chips in addition to the caramel and brownie chunks. The icing drizzling is also made with chocolate chunks.

Also, the sandwich chain announced what cookies they would be introducing, so customers would not miss out on an available cookie.

How Much Are Cookies At Subway?

At Subway, you can get cookies individually or as a pack. Regardless of the type, the prices are only different by how much they cost.

On average, the cost of a standard Subway sandwich is $6, and a large is $8. For the full menu, which includes salads and other items, the cost is around $10-12.

There are two kinds of cookies offered at every Subway restaurant. There are the cookies that are offered free of charge, and there are the cookies that the customer has to pay for.

What Is The Best Subway Cookie?

When people go to and click on any link or click the log in button, they usually get a cookie of some kind.

They are called the double chocolate chip, chocolate chip cookie, and rainbow gem cookie respectively.

That is, the most popular cookie in the US is chocolate chip, and subways offer several varieties including vegan ones.

Does Subway Give Away Free Cookies?

Yes, you can get free cookies during promotions. The best thing to do is pick a product that you are interested in getting and when the promotion comes around you can ask for a specific flavor. The most common flavors are chocolate chip, banana nut, but you can get others too. It might sound like a lot, but if you ask for a specific flavor and they don’t have it in stock, they will make you whatever flavor you want in exchange for your loyalty.

The franchise may have a policy on free cookies, but there’s no guarantee. Sometimes franchises change its policy and sometimes they don’t.

Can You Get A Free Cookie From Subway On Your Birthday?

If you have a Subway loyalty program, you can get a free birthday cookie at the Subway restaurants.

You will receive a free cookie from Subway on your birthday, if you sign up for the Loyalty Program, and your rewards will be loaded directly into your account.

When it is your birthday, you will get a free cookie, which is good for two weeks.

In order to receive free cookies at Subway, you’ll have to get a free sandwich. The free sandwich you’ll get is your free cookie.

To find out which Subway restaurants are giving your free cookies on your birthday you must go to your local Subway restaurant on your birthday and claim your free cookie!

The Subway Loyalty Program involves people getting points on their Subway cards when they buy things in Subway. The more you shop at Subway, the more points you get. You can then redeem them for free food and other prizes.

Where Does Subway Get Its Cookies?

Spunkmeyer makes all of the cookies for the Subway stores in the United States.

So many businesses use the Otis Spunkmeyer character to sell their products.

Do Subway Do Seasonal Cookies?

Subways will also be introducing a new flavor of cookie and also they will have different seasonal cookies and limited-edition flavors that will entice people to come visit their stores.

In 2011, Burger King introduced King’s Hawaiian for one week and the recipe came from the same company that makes the McDonald’s dessert. In 2018, the Italian restaurant Red Tomato introduced a Stuffed Cheesy Pretzel for Valentine’s Day.

This item can only be found in the USA and the flavors available are: Milk Chocolate, Milk Chocolate with Marshmallow, and Dark Chocolate.

If you are a fan of Mince Pie, you can now enjoy it in your favorite subway sandwich. If you are a fan of chocolate, try the Chocolate Orange flavored subway sandwiches.

To know more about fast food trends, you can also read our article on what is the future of fast food chains.


The subway sandwich shop sells cookies with a wide variety of flavors.

There is no official limit on how many cookies Subway will sell, so you’re basically free to buy as many of them as you want.

The name “Subway” has never changed, and the chain has never expanded outside New York City.

Finally, make sure you buy a Subway coupon for a free Subway cookie on your birthday! Also, sign up for the Subway Loyalty Program so you can have a free Subway cookie on your birthday!

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