Who Makes Subway Cookies? (+ Other Common Faqs)

There are plenty of cookie varieties to choose from, each as delicious as the next. There’s just no denying that Subway cookies are pretty good.

I found out that Subway uses a very unique cookie recipe to create their delicious cookie sandwiches.

The cookies have a soft, chewy, and slightly sweet texture, unlike Subway’s usual dry and crunchy style. They have a delicious flavor, which is unique to Subway.

The cookies are made from a mixture of wheat flour, baking soda, and salt. The dough is rolled out, cut into shapes, and placed on a cookie sheet. After baking, the cookies get decorated with different sandwich toppings.

After the toppings are applied, the cookies get put together to make delicious sandwiches.

After the sandwich is made, Subway wraps it in white paper with a few details added, and adds it to the menu.

Who Makes Subway Cookies In 2022?

Otis Spunkmeyer supplied the subway’s cookies for several years, and they’re one of the most popular menu items. The cookies arrive frozen at the restaurant, and employees then bake them each day. Although they’re not the most traditional baked goods, they’re usually very popular.

This is definitely true! If you visit a Subway in another location, the menu and cookies are different (but they do sell some of the exact same products, like sandwiches and salads).

> In the video, a Subway employee says that the cookies cost $5.

What Is The Story Behind Otis Spunkmeyer Cookies?

Ken Rawlings started his first restaurant in the mid 1970s. It was called “The Spunkmeyer’s Cookie House” at 1002 E. Michigan Ave. in Chicago.

The years since have seen his company expand across the US and internationally.

It is common for the food industry to market a new product by claiming it came first. In the case of Spunkmeyer’s cookies, the company claims their cookies were first. The truth is that they made them in the same factory that made M&M’s and Reeses’ cookies, and they were introduced as Spunkmeyer’s because people couldn’t tell the difference.

Can You Buy Subway Cookies Frozen?

However, since the store’s location is now considered a “food premises,” Subway will now sell the premade cookie dough.

It’s not possible to buy Otis Spunkmeyer frozen cookie dough directly at the Subway store, but you can buy cookie dough at other stores, and on the Otis Spunkmeyer website.

Additionally, as you have not been able to secure a job elsewhere, I believe it is time to look toward the career of an Otis Spunkmeyer Cookie Dough Chef.

Also, it’s likely that the Kroger cookie dough is made with bulk ingredients rather than by the cup. Which might make the dough harder to work with and store.

chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, chocolate fudge, and lemon.

What Is Subway’s Most Popular Cookie?

There are some people that believe that it is not a problem.

Macadamia cookies are great while chocolate chip cookies are good, but a mocha cookie is the best.

Some other people enjoy the taste of Subway sandwiches with their name printed all over them.

Essentially, all types of cookie are good, and it’s difficult to know exactly what type of cookie is the most popular.

The double chocolate cookie is the most popular cookie in U.S., but Subway has difficulties to obtain a large supply of them.

Also, it seemed like the cookie is probably the best selling cookie out of those five cookies.
There is the same issue with the chocolate chip cookie that you mention in your question. If a consumer is looking for a chocolate chip cookie, it will not be one of the top choices.

How Does Subway Keep Its Cookies Soft?

Subways are known for having soft, gooey cookies.

Subway can only keep the cookies soft because of a lot reasons, like the ingredients and the baking and cooling time.

Also, cornstarch is used in making cookies, and it contributes to the softness of the cookies.

Under-baking the cookies will make them slightly less chewy; but if you want them like Subway, then slightly under-baking them is the way to go.

What Kind Of Cookies Does Subway Have Right Now?

At Subway, the types of available cookies can vary depending on the season. In fall, caramel apple may be available instead of pumpkin cookie.

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For example, the cookies flavor available in a particular region in the US may be different than the variety available in other regions.

Subway stores are not allowed to change their menus according to what’s trending in the cities they sell in. They are also not allowed to stock certain varieties, like the spicy chicken sandwich, which is only found in certain stores.

If you call the Subway to make a reservation and they do not have the cookie in the restaurant, they could notify you when they are able to get it.

What Are The Seasonal Cookie Flavors At Subway?

It is important to note that most cookies contain salt, butter, and/or sugar. When selecting cookies, it’s important to limit salt, sugar, and butter intake. There are cookies that are low in salt and sugar, but high in fat.

When they say carrot cake cookie, they mean the very classic cookie that Subway serves.

The cookies have a wonderful carrot cake flavor, as well as the flavor of raisins. The cream cheese icing adds a nice texture to the cookie.

I had a chance to try this out in the summer, and thought it was good. It does kind of remind me of a campfire dessert with the marshmallow, the graham cracker, and the chocolate.

Chocolate is a type of cocoa, so you should be eating it. Marshmallows are basically just sugary things…so you should be eating those too. Together, they make a s’more, and you should eat those too.

As mentioned, Subway has a seasonal cookie. In this case, this one is actually a combination of cookies. The main one is a buttery cookie that is covered in a glaze similar to frosting. It features apple chunks. The side cookies are just normal.

There are plenty of other places offering their version of holiday cookies. However, Subway’s version stands out, because of the flavors. Some of their flavors look better than others.

To learn more, you might also be interested in reading up on how long are Subway cookies, what are the Subway cookie flavors, and if Subway food is really fresh.


Subway sells cookies made by the baked goods brand Otis Spunkmeyer, baked by employees in the stores to their customers each day.

Further, Subway offers several popular cookies, such as chocolate chip, white chocolate macadamia nut cookies, and oatmeal raisin cookies.

If you want to get the cookies from Otis Spunkmeyer at your local grocery store, then you can check with your local grocery store.

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