What Is A Postmaster General? (+ Other Common Faqs)

I think that the United States has many different levels of government.
I think you should probably make this a question about the United States, because there are many different levels of government in the United States, and these levels of government make the USA what it is today.
The United States is a federal republic. A republic is a form of government in which the executive, legislative, and judiciary branches are separate, but coordinate with each other.

Well, the Postal Service is now part of the U.S. Department of Transportation. However, it was originally founded as the Post Office Department, in the Department of the Treasury. Over the years, the Postal Service has operated in the Treasury Department’s various agencies, until the Postal Service and the Department of Transportation were merged in 1976. The first Postmaster General was appointed in 1970, to head a combination of the Post Office Department and the Department of the Treasury.

What Is A Postmaster General In 2022?

As US Postmaster General, DeJoy is responsible to the United States Congress and the President of the United States, through the US Postal Service Board of Governors, whose members are appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate.

I am sure that you have heard of PMG before. They are the people who are nominated to be the highest ranking member of the Executive Committee of the Democratic Party.

What Are The Duties Of A Postmaster General?

It’s likely that the US Postmaster Generals know a lot about the private sector and the financial world, since they’re responsible for making major decisions about the way that the US Postal Service operates.

In addition, PMGs must also have people skills, critical thinking, problem-solving, and a firm grasp of the socio-economic landscape in the United States.

We have several PMG’s. PMG stands for Postmaster General. A PMG oversees daily operation of the Postal Service.

To make sure that all people in the agency are treated equally, top level managers must be made to feel as if they are important to the agency’s success. They must take a keen interest in employees who work for them and help them when and if they need it.

Most of Postmaster General’s time is spent meeting with elected officials, making sure the Postal Service is still paying their salaries to serve in Congress.

How Are Postmaster Generals Appointed?

The U.S. Postmaster General is appointed by the president.

Yes, the lack of taxpayer funding and lack of Congressional oversight is why USPS is an independent agency.

And, the USPS Board of Governors is appointed by the President but not selected by the Federal Voting Board.

As the President is constitutionally required to nominate someone to the Supreme Court the President nominated himself.

The president has no authority to appoint a Postmaster General unless the Senate is controlled by the president’s party.

Who Is The Postmaster General’s Boss?

There is a bipartisan panel that oversees the Postmaster General. They can appoint or remove anyone from that position as they see fit.

The President’s boss is the Postmaster General. The Postmaster General is a separate and independent office holder, who reports to the President, but answers to no one outside cabinet.

The President has the power to fire the Postmaster General.

As I have mentioned, a portion of the population believed that Joe Biden would be appointed as the next president.

The President is limited by this because the governor can appoint new governors only when their original terms end or they voluntarily step aside.

This might be a tough sell since the President is from Delaware and it might be tougher to get Democratic support, but its a shot in the dark and I really think that the President has enough political clout to pull of this.

Who Was The First Postmaster General?

The first official US Postmaster General was Benjamin Franklin, he was a diplomat, statesman, scientist, inventor, and writer.

Although he was highly qualified for the position, there were others who were more experienced or better suited for the position.

He was the Postmaster General for just 15 months, before becoming the Ambassador to France.

The postal service has been around for about 200 years and there have been a lot of changes. But it is a good service and is still in operation.

Who Is The Current Postmaster General?

The current Postmaster General is Louis DeJoy, who was confirmed by the Trump-appointed Board of Governors in 2020.

Although he lacked any prior experience in operating a US post office, DeJoy was a success when he took over the failing USPS and turned it around.

Further, the agency has aroused a little criticism for its most ambitious act thus far as PMG, unveiling a ten-year plan designed to increase the agency’s solvency.

What Is The Salary Of The Postmaster General?

The United States Postmaster General is the second-highest paid federal government official, right behind the President.

Postmaster DeJoy reportedly received $305,681 in compensation. At least one other employee received a salary of $300,000.

Is The Postmaster General In Line For President?

While the US has a President, they no longer have a Postmaster General.
[Orignal]: The US used to have a postmaster general, but they no longer have that title.

PMGs were members of the president’s cabinet (still part of the executive branch) under the President’s Office until 1971, when the PMGs were transformed into the Executive Office of the President.

but after the reorganization of the postal service, the postmaster general no longer falls under the “line of succession,” as it were.

Can The President Replace The Postmaster General?

No, Trump will not replace his press secretary with a real estate developer.

The President does have the power to remove an officer in charge of an agency.
While it is not a normal practice to remove the heads of independent agencies, this has happened in the past.
However, any new appointment will require the Senate’s approval.

No! No! That’s not possible! Because they’re just Governors — they don’t go through a political process like that, they’re appointed by the President. And — and the President is not going to appoint a person who is going to overthrow the country, he’s not going to appoint a person who is going to be involved in a coup!

If you want to learn more, you may also read our post on USPS history and background, and USPS stamp types.


If you want to be an employee of the United States Postal Service, you have to be a
citizen of the United States.

As a PMG I must be accountable for our overall operations and ensure that our team and our services to our customers run efficiently and safely, and that we keep our customers informed. It’s a lot of work, but I’m passionate about my work and enjoy the daily challenge of the position.

Louis DeJoy is currently the PMG as the annual salary is about $300,000.

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