23 Usps Statistics, Trends + Facts (your Full Guide)

If you are not careful about where your mail goes, it’s easy to get lost in the system without you knowing it.

the United States Postal Service has a interesting history extending back from the 1700s.

2. The Postal Service operates only one facility in the United States – the main sorting facility in Denver.

23 USPS Statistics, Trends + Facts In 2022

USPS History

The United States Postal Service was founded by Ben Franklin, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and the US Congress on July 26th, 1775, almost a year before the United States was officially established as an independent country.

The committee that created a federal postal service consisted of some famous names such as Benjamin Franklin, James Madison, and Thomas Jefferson.

Benjamin Franklin was the first Postmaster General for the US, and he created the modern US Postal service.

The first post office was established in 1692 and operated out of the tavern-bar-hotel run by Richard Fairbanks. It was named Fairbanks Post Office.

The money you send by the mail is extremely important to your country, it might be your life savings and you probably wouldn’t want to lose it. So, if any of this happens to you, the punishment is harsh.

However, the punishment for mail theft was later changed to imprisonment and this was changed to three years for first-time offenders and a fine for second-time offenders.

President Jackson was adept at finding all of the loopholes in democracy, such as firing large swaths of federal workers in order to offer now open jobs to people who were loyal to him.

It’s no surprise that during the administration of President Andrew Jackson, John Quincy Adams was appointed the U.S. minister to Great Britain.

I can only assume he was removed because his post didn’t exist anymore.

In 1913, when young parents wanted to have their children go visit their grandchildren, the easiest way to do so was to stick postage on their babies clothes, and send them via the post office.

The early years of mail were pretty hectic, with the US Postal Service being a government agency which operated on a deficit, and the Post Office was more of a package delivery service.

Finances Of The Post Office

A United States Postal Service employee is the second-highest-paid federal employee, after the president.

The postmaster general makes the most money while the president makes the least and the vice president makes slightly less than the president.

Before stamps, mail was delivered to people who sent it – the courier would then get paid for the letter.

Because it’s hard to know who will be sending you mail and when, many people decided to stop accepting letters to get away from paying for them, which led to delivery people spending more time returning mail than delivering it.

To avoid this problem, the post office created stamps that allowed to write a money amount and have that amount applied toward the postage of the mail pieces. However, the stamps provided no way for the recipient to pay the postage without having to wait for the postal carrier and pay with the stamps on the carrier’s return.

When most people realize that the US Postal Service is a government organization, they automatically assume that it’s paid for with American taxes.

But, this isn’t the case. The USPS are funded by American money, but they’re the ones who take the money spent on postage, products, and services, and they give it back to the government.

The United States Postal Service is one of the reason more than 7.5 million people have jobs, with over 100,000 of those people being veterans.

The employees are reason why the United States Postal Service made $70.6 billion dollars in operating revenues in one year.

The postal network is larger than the combined domestic operations of McDonalds, Starbucks, and Walmart.

Locales and Locations

In an attempt to save money and increase efficiency, USPS workers began traveling longer distances.

1.4 billion miles is almost to the moon and back, 20 times around earth and back, and a dozen times around the sun.

They have a mule and a horse that is over 20 years old and they take them back up the hill, they have a little bit of a steep hill and they take the horse up the hill and the mule up the hill.

The post office was initially concerned with organization; they thought they could use zipcodes to prevent people from having to get a map and to help organize mail.

You can enter a street number in your zipcode. For example, in the above example, 12345 is a valid street number.

The first two numbers were for regional areas, and the last two were for your particular address.

In the [Original] example address, all digits of the phone number must be present before any non-digit.
Thus, the original address will also work with the simplified address.

Stamp Fulfillment Services, located in Kansas City, Montana, is located in a limestone cave 150 feet below ground. The cave has an amazing collection of limestone and other minerals that were formed over millions of years.

Most of the US is extremely hot, and it is often difficult to get fresh air in an apartment, especially in larger cities. Even though the Postal History Museum is not a typical apartment, the building has a naturally climate control system which keeps this museum very dry and comfortable.

The Post Office says the handwriting is illegible, so they take them to the Remote Encoding Center.

They don’t even have a website. They make their decisions through a series of faxes and emails.

A Complicated History With Animals

Pony Express was never a part of the postal system like the United States Postal Service or a post office in any way.

It was a private, but successful enterprise that, at the beginning of establishing the United States, delivered mail to the most remote of places.

In the 1880s, a dog named “Owney” was abandoned in an abandoned shed at the Albany Post Office.

Because of his affection for the mail, postmen would bring him treats and his favorite treats would be the mail carrier bags.

When he finished the project, he had around 1,017 dog tags: 932 of which had dog tags and 85 dog tags were made by other post offices.

In 2011, the U.S. Postal Service issued a stamp in honor of Owney.

In 2019, the United States Postal Service (USPS) recorded over 5,800 attacks by dogs on its mail carriers. As a result, the USPS has created a Dog Mite Awareness Week in May every year.

In California, people get attacked by dogs that often come from an owner’s house while delivering mail to a house and then attack mail carriers.

Fun Facts

So what? You thought they stopped doing these things after they left the Post Office? They still went on to form their own company. This is how the whole computer industry was developed.

We all know that the computer industry is a very small one. But it’s worth noting that this isn’t some isolated case.

The most famous post office carriers are Bing Crosby, Walt Disney, William Faulkner, Harry S. Truman and Abe Lincoln.

Abe Lincoln would personally carry the mail across the street to ensure that his neighbors received the mail. He would also deliver newspapers to the homes of his neighbors. Lincoln would even drop in on the friends he had and had not seen in years to catch up with what had happened in their lives. In fact, he would do this so often that in the course of his career, he met with hundreds or thousands of people.

While many believe there is an official motto, there isn’t. Many believe it is “Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night stay these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds,” but there is not.

The real quote is: “Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.”
As usual, you can use “and” between the words, but you can’t use “or” between them.

However, this isn’t the case, as delays due to inclement weather conditions are common for all kinds of mail.

Mailboxes were used for a variety of things prior to 1971, including serving as decorative posts, for decorative purposes, and to announce the presence of a postal worker.

The US Post Office has never failed to help the police crack cases.

While working as a mail carrier for the United States Postal Service, one of my main responsibilities is to open and sort mail from a central location.

We can also see USPS service charges if you want to speed things up and have the package delivered the same day but the price is pretty high at $15.


The United States Postal Service is a really long story. Most Americans aren’t very familiar with the history of the Postal Service.

I’m sure at least some of you are thinking to yourself that this isn’t possible. USPS is the US Post Office and it’s a government agency, it doesn’t make sense.

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