Postmarked Meaning Usps (+ Other Common Faqs)

Postmarking is part of the process of mailing a package and there are standards you need to follow in order to make sure your package reaches its intended destination.

As you probably already know, postmarking describes a method used by banks, companies, and post offices to send letters and packages.

What Does Postmarked Mean At USPS In 2022?

Postmarks are stamps that represent the date that mail is sent via post. The two types of postmarks are official and unofficial. Official postmarks are those that are printed by the postal service, and unofficial postmarks are stamps made by a company in exchange for money.

Postmarking is a crucial part of the mailing process. So if you’d like to learn more about postmarking and what to do if you need your mail postmarked, keep reading for more information.

What Does Postmarked Mean USPS?

Having an address means that the post office that accepted your letter package either mailed it or used it to send other packages to that address.

If you send mail in the United States the time and date stamp will show when the mail gets sent and how far in the process it was at the most. But you’ll only be able to buy postage for the final destination of the mail. So if the letter gets delivered to the post office in San Francisco, that’s the time and date stamp you’ll be able to buy postage for.

Postmarks also have this little thing called cancellation bars, which fall over the postage on the letter and are used to prevent it from being scraped off and reused again.

(Standard) postmarks have only one type of address, for example “The Post Office Box”, but there are several types of mail.

The most common postmarks are created when the mail is at the Post Office. The Postage Stamp is cancelled after it reaches the destination.

 For example, if someone signs up for a club, they could request their package be sent to them with a confirmed tracking number so that it arrives before the membership deadline.

Standard postage on mail sent from within the United States is marked with a “USPS” mark on the postmark. Mail sent from outside the United States is marked with a “USPS” mark. Mail sent from within the United States to addresses outside the United States is marked with a “USPS” mark only if the addressee is located in the United States. For this reason, mail to residents of the United States from other countries is also not marked with a “USPS” mark.

To post a letter with a standard postage stamp, you’ll need to place the envelope in the bottom of a mailbox, along with the stamp and the postage. Then either wait for someone to pick it up and take it to a post office or drop it off yourself.

Why Does Mail Get Postmarked By USPS?

In case you use the same stamp twice you get it back and they can’t use the same inking technique on that postage stamp twice.

People were upset about the fact that the USPS was not doing their job to ensure the proper postage was being paid. The most common complaint was that the USPS was only cancelling the stamps themselves and not telling the person to pay the proper amount of money. (There are some posts on the internet that claim that the USPS is not obligated to do this, however, that is not true).

The second and more important reason that mail is posted is to help the post office adhere to delivery windows. Most of our mail is already marked with a delivery date printed on the stamp. This helps postal employees know when to expect the mail, whether it is an automated stamp, or a postcard.

First of all, a Priority Mail box is much more secure than a Ground box. The Priority box seals are more durable. The Priority box is shipped with a tracking number. The Priority box can be delivered to a P.O. Box. The Ground box cannot.

In other words, if you make your payments by check, and your payment is postmarked prior to the due date, then your payment will be considered on-time regardless of whether your check arrives at its destination on time.

Finally, postmarking can be used to identify the location of the mail delivery which is helpful when an item is lost or delayed. This is not as common.

How Do You Get Your Mail Postmarked By USPS?

If you want to mail your packages or letters, you will need a standard first-class stamp. Otherwise, the post office will automatically postmark your mail.

However, if you’re looking to send a certified letter overseas, like a bill, for instance, you can choose a private mail company to send it.

To request that a package or envelope be postmarked, go to your local post office and ask the clerk to postmark your package or envelope.

Most of the time, police are happy to show me their badge in front of me, then arrest me for not standing in the right place.

It’s important to also know that once you put the letter on the counter, you can’t get it back. You must mail it to keep the integrity of the postmark.

If you want to send packages, you’ll first need to buy shipping materials and mail a pre-addressed return mail envelope.

To know more about USPS, you can also see our posts on what does USPS mean by express mail and certified mail, and how long does USPS priority mail take generally.


Postmarks are imprints left on letters/ packages that have standard/first-class postage, and denote the time and date a piece of mail was accepted.
The postmarks are usually used as proof that the envelope was mailed on a specific date.

There are also postal service stamps on the front of the envelope, showing the post office name and location where it was accepted to be returned.

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