How Many Stamps For 2 Ounces? (all You Need To Know)

This is the tricky part. If you have to pay to send an ounce, you better send a whole lot of single ounce letters. Otherwise, you’ll run into a problem. You would have to pay to send a lot more envelopes than normal, and the postage rate for envelopes would be a lot higher. The postal service doesn’t like this, so you might have to pay extra to send a letter with several letters in it.

If you want to send two ounces, then you need two stamps and two envelopes.
But if you want to send one ounce, then you need only one stamp and one envelope.
Stamp out the number of ounces you want to mail.
Put the correct number of stamps on the postage envelope.
Put the envelope in a Forever envelope.
You can use either a regular mail envelope or a Forever envelope.
Once your mail is ready, put your name and address on the front of the envelope.
Mail the envelope as usual.

How Many Stamps For 2 Ounces In 2022?

With two ounces of letter mail, you’ll get a Forever stamp and two extra-ounce stamps in 2022. Using a Flat, you’ll get a Flat rate stamp, two Forever stamps and a postage overcharge (two Forever stamps in this case). You can also use three Forever stamps and pay no postage.

I’m going to go through the postage costs for a letter, a Flat, and a package that weighs two ounces so you can understand how it works.

What Stamps Do You Need For A 2-Ounce Letter?

To send a letter with two ounces, you need certain amount of postage; confusingly, that postage is different than if you sent a two-ounce Flat.

A4, 297mm wide (A4, 210mm wide with a bleed and two
margins) and 594mm high
Letter, 210mm wide (210mm+5mm) and 594mm high

So the thickness and dimensions are almost identical, but the size is bigger.

The [Original]: difference is that [Paraphrase] is a true “A4”
that is A0 (size) + 1 (margins), and
[Original] is an A2+ (size) – 1 (margins),
or A8 with 1 inch margins.

So if you send a letter of 6 ounces, you will receive a 5.4 ounce postage due. On the other hand, if you send a letter of 15 ounces, you’ll be charged a flat rate of 5 cents.

When it’s above one ounce, you can send it using Priority Mail or Express Mail, or you can pay a little more and use Priority Mail Priority Plus.

If you stamp the envelope using the “stamp machine” on the envelope, then the envelope will be mailed flat and will fit in any regular-size mailbox.
If you stamp directly on the envelope, it will stand up and fit in any regular- or large-size mailbox.

Then you can give them a Forever stamp if you want.

In order to mail a letter or postcard to a country with no stamps, one must use two Forever stamps ($0.58 + $0.58 = $1.16).

 If you have an envelope, save your stamps for a future mailer, and mail it next time you have something that needs to go through the mail.

 If you are sending something that is considered Flat, then the envelope needs to be the right size and thick.

7. Write your address on the outside of the package BEFORE you even write anything on the inside envelope.

The height of a Flat is the height of the tallest part of the building.
The width of a Flat is the width of the widest part of the building.
The depth of a Flat is the height of the building minus the height of the tallest part of the building.

The amount of postage for flats is totally different.
The difference in thickness between letters and flats is almost 1.5 times.
Additionally, the difference in line spacing between lines (the spaces between letters and flats in a line) is twice as big for letters as it is for flats.

The postage rates for mail are based on the weight of the mailing. So, you would pay more for a bigger package. Of course, there’s also minimum postage rates (e.g., $0.98 for letters up to one ounce).

As of this writing, a two-ounce Flat costs $1.36 to mail.

To get exact postage, you can use two Forever stamps ($0.58 x 2 = $1.16). And, since the cost of a Forever stamp is the same as the cost of a $0.20 stamp ($1.16 + $0.20 = $1.36), you can save $0.36.

or, as in the example from earlier about paying extra on your credit card, you could overpay with three Forever stamps ($0.58 x 3 = $1.74).

This is the most difficult part of the whole project and it’s really important that you’re careful about keeping your postage organized. You’ll have to pay attention to how much paper you’re printing now that you have more.

How Many Stamps Do You Need For A 2-Ounce Package?

If you have a package under one ounce, it’d be fine to send it by First-Class Package, which is even cheaper.

Now, First-Class Package is pricier than letters and cheaper than flats because now they take into consideration the distance and weight of the package.

*Note: Zones 1-4 are the lowest cost shipping regions, Zones 5-8 are the mid-price zones, and Zones 9-10 are the highest cost zones. As such, any shipping costs that fall within Zones 5-10 are eligible for a price break.

It’s always a good idea to plan ahead for your shipping method. You can get a couple of stamps from the mailbox at the post office and use them to ship your box using the United States Postal Service. It’s quite convenient.

So you could also meet the amount with $0.58 stamps, three $0.20 stamps, and four $0.40 stamps. That works out as $0.58 + $0.20 + $0.20 + $0.40 = $1.64, or $5.04.

If you want to start sending some of your own stuff, I recommend you learn how to buy labels and ship them first, and then learn how to buy stamps.

It’s cheaper, easier, and you don’t have to wait on UPS or FedEx to deliver the package. That’s why businesses love to ship with Click-N-Ship.

With that, you can find out exactly what happened with your parcel when it left you, and where it went next.

Will Two Forever Stamps Cover 2 Ounces?

Two-ounce letters should cover two ounces, and the cost of two-ounce letters is $0.78. Two Forever stamps equal $1.16 in postage.

It seems like it. Unfortunately, the Forever stamps will not cover the postage.

To learn more, you can also read our posts on when do postage rates change, the USPS buyback of unused stamps, does USPS buy back unused stamps, and how many stamps for a card.


A two ounce letter of any international letter rate is $0.78, a Flat post is $1.36, and a package at least $5, all of which you can cover with enough stamps.

For example, if you want to mail a letter so that it arrives in time for the holiday it’s addressed to, it’s best to use stamps.

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