How Many Stamps Do I Need For Mexico? (usps)

The American Postal Service is sending millions of letters and parcels via the Mexican postal service. This is in addition to other forms of mail that are being sent from the United States.

If you are like the majority of business owners in Mexico, you are probably wondering how shipping to Mexico works. More specifically, you may be wondering how many stamps you need when shipping to Mexico. We’ve got your answer here, so keep reading!

How Many Stamps Do I Need for Mexico at USPS In 2022?

For a period of time, a single letter, postcard, or flat will be allowed to weigh less than 1 ounce, but no less than 0.5 ounce. This was announced on January 31, 2022, and will be in effect for the first time in 2024. Letters or flats that weigh either too much or less than the limit may be considered to be undersized, and will be considered to have been addressed to a foreign country if the destination country has a weight limit for letters or flats.

If you’ve got a question about how many stamps you should be using when mailing to Mexico, then check out our guide for the complete details and answers!

How Many Stamps Do I Need to Mail a Card to Mexico?

To figure out how much postage you’ll need for a letter to Mexico, you will need to know how much your letter weighs.

For you to mail the card, you will only need to use the stamps, which are the same ones you’ve been using in your regular address. Remember that there currently is no “Global Forever Stamp”, since it has not yet been invented.

Forever stamps have always had their own value that is fixed. Sometimes they are less than domestic stamps, sometimes they are more.

With Global Forever stamps, the cost of sending a 1 ounce letter or card to Mexico will never be more than it was for other stamps.

Sending a card to Mexico is easy. You can send a card with a Mexican Forever Stamp inside. Or you can send a card with a $1.30 International Forever Stamp inside.

At the current rate ($0.58), you’d need 3 domestic Forever Stamps to cover postage to Mexico.

If you have more questions about postage in Mexico, visit Postage in Mexico on the USPS website.

This is not recommended, you’d pay only $0.44 more than you need to through this service.

USPS suggests these are the minimum requirements when printing postage.

How Much Does It Cost to Send an Envelope to Mexico?

You can get a rough estimate of shipping costs by using the free calculator at

You can calculate the weight of your items by using the “Quantity” and “Product Weight” fields in your shopping cart and entering the corresponding values.

The cost of sending the regular size envelope is currently $4.45, but it can be done for a flat $4.25 with a postage stamp.

Packing slips must include a physical description of the item you are sending, as well as the name of the recipient, the shipping method, and a tracking code.

In order to send a letter, you need to use first-class mail. You can send a card or an envelope.

The price is higher for smaller quantities, so if you’re ordering large quantities, we would advise ordering multiple items. A great idea is to order a few different sizes to use for your party decoration needs.

How Many Stamps Do I Need for Heavier Letters to Mexico?

To get around the weight-limit restrictions, you can use a pre-printed card stock envelope or have a professional print your card on a heavier paper stock.

Step 4: The Stamp
Use a quality stamp for that personal touch.

I’m not really sure how many stamps to use at one time, but one way to decide is to look at the size of the envelope and decide if you want to use a single or multiple stamps.

If this is First Class, you are limited to what you can buy at the post office, which is postage. You can buy stamps online.

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How Many Stamps Do I Need for Large Envelopes (Flats) to Mexico?

If you are mailing a letter that is not in a standard envelope, then you most likely will need to get your package weighed. However, you might also need to weigh the package or to take the recipient’s or sender’s signature if you are using a certificate service.

* The base of the unit is 20 millimeters square.
** The edges of the base are 10 millimeters long and 30 millimeters high.

If you only need to send 1-3 ounces of stamps, you can skip the mailing system setup in favor of the flat rate system. This works really well for mail pieces between 1 and 3 ounces.

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 1/4 lb ($2.20)

The total (including shipping) is just $7.99 plus shipping, so we can add that to the $8.75 we already paid.

If you need to know more about the difference between a Manila envelope and a pre-stamped envelope, you can read our post on 14 types of USPS stamps.


If you’re mailing to Mexico, make sure to buy stamps based on envelope size. The stamps will be needed to match the size of the envelope.

Also to consider is that stamps don’t always work for the most cost-effective method of posting. When you use the official USPS website to calculate the cost, there’s a lot of information you need to provide.

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