How Many Stamps Do I Need For A Letter To Canada? (usps)

As one of the most northern of the countries of the western hemisphere, we’re also one of the most likely to require an international postal service.

As with postage rates throughout the world, the USPS determines rates based on weight, dimensions, destination and volume. In a nutshell, the USPS’ system is based on weight and size, and the rate is determined by the country to which it is delivered.

How Many Stamps Do I Need for a Letter to Canada In 2022?

In 2022 you will be able to use one Global Forever Stamp to mail 1-ounce items to Canada. You will also need to use two Global Forever Stamps for larger envelopes. You can also use Domestic Forever Stamps when mailing letters to Canada, and you can use multiple ounce stamps and one cent stamp to mail 1-ounce items to Canada.

This article describes the process of sending mail to Canada and also includes some tips to help you on your way!

How Much Does It Cost to Mail a Letter to Canada?

Shipping to Canada will depend on the order weight and the shipping service you select during checkout.

You can use our online calculator to determine the shipping cost of a standard-sized letter sent via First-Class Mail International service.

Most paper, envelopes and envelopes contents can be sent to Canada. As most Canadian destinations have no restrictions, a Global Forever stamp is required for each item sent to Canada.

The US Postal Service currently sells Global Forever stamps for $1.30.

All first-class letters sent from the United States to Canada are sent through the Global Mail. They are only valid for sending letters and should not be sent with any packages.

This is what you can expect to pay for this service, depending on the weight. Be aware that you’ll need to round up to the nearest ounce if it’s between two weights; for that matter, you’ll also need to round up for an item that’s a whole ounce heavier (if you have one).

Can I Mail a Letter to Canada with Forever Stamps?

It’s important to know that this kind of stamp is specifically meant for international mailing and is not intended for domestic mailing purposes.
The reason for the “forever” in its name isn’t related to its shelf-life, but rather the fact that it is not a “re-purchase” stamp and could be used several times.

The Forever stamp, also known as the “Parcel Post Forever Stamp”, is the world’s smallest value-added stamp, but it’s so small, you can hardly fit it on a regular envelope.

Domestic Forever Stamps can be used in addition to international Forever Stamps for international mail, as long as they total $1.30 or more in Canada.

With the current price of Forever Stamps at $0.58 and the postage rate of 3 Domestic Forever Stamps for just about any letter, you’d need to send approximately $6.31 to get a first class letter to California.

If I have multiple items I’m mailing all at once, I pay a flat rate of $25.00 regardless of quantity.

Forever stamps cost $1.80 to use on all domestic Forever Stamps. However, postage to Canada only costs $1.30. Thus, you’ll save a whopping $0.50 for postage.

From Canada Forever stamps are always cheaper than regular stamps but Global Forever stamps are always more expensive than regular stamps.

How Many Stamps Do I Need for Mailing Flats to Canada?

You can find the price of postage with the Post Office’s website here. The website gives you the number of stamps needed for the weight of the envelope.

A flat must be no taller then 8 1/2 inches high and no wider then 30 inches.

Pricing for each of the 1-ounce flat envelopes is as follows: for up to 45 addresses, $1.80; for up to 90 addresses, $1.65 each; for up to 180 addresses, $1.35 each; and for up to 210 addresses, $1.15 each.

If you use multiple combinations of stamps, you can get more stamps for the same amount of money.

1 ounce of solid gold at about $1.60.

The price of the whole pound was $2.85 or 10 times the price of the ounce.

This item has 12 servings, which will make 9 servings per bottle.

If you want to learn more, you can also read through our previous post about what are additional ounce stamps, 14 USPS stamp types, and what are semipostal stamps.


There are some cases where you need more than one Global Forever stamp, such as when sending a special gift to a family member.

If you’ve got a thick envelope, or one that’s larger than the standard envelope size, there’s a good chance you can get away with using the smaller standard size envelope and just going with the extra postage.

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