How To Get A W-2 From Walmart? (+ Other Common Faqs)

Working at Walmart is a good opportunity for people looking for part-time work, or who are looking for a new career. Like other stores, Walmart provides their employees with the necessary tax forms.

If you’re reading this and you’re a current or former Walmart employee and you want to get your W-2 form, you’ve come to the right place. You can request your form by writing to the Social Security Administration located at: Social Security Administration, Attn: W-2 Mail Processing Unit, P.O. Box 97935, Pittsburgh, PA 15250-7935.

How To Get A W-2 From Walmart In 2022?

Employees can access W2 forms online beginning January 31st, and if received by February 28th, they should contact the Walmart payroll department for further assistance. Employees should refer to the FAQ for more information regarding what to do if they have trouble accessing the form.

I think that the tips that I’ve found to get your W2 at Walmart are very helpful to me this year.

Where Do I Get My W-2 From Walmart?

This has been seen as a threat, because it will make them look bad in the press.

After contacting Walmart payroll services, associates should be able to recover lost W-2 forms if they are physically available.

This only applies when someone can’t provide the documentation on their own.

– Walmart does not give anyone access to their W-2s, even when a former associate requests access to their OneWalmart account. The former associates must wait for the W-2 to be mailed to them by the taxing agency.

The links are here to download your W2 form from OneWalmart for the last three years.

How Do I Get My W-2 Form From Walmart As A Former Employee?

If you need your W-2 form quickly and cannot access the link from the above section, you may need to call the phone number for your Walmart store directly.

If you want to submit your W-2 form by mail, you can choose this option. This will take the longest and may have harsh tax implications.

It is assumed that they used either a current year IRS file (I use a current year file) or used a file that was more than 12 months old, which is a known security risk.

We need to enter the code 10108 and confirm our identity if we want to access Walmart’s W-2’s.

When you fill up the form, you give your personal information. Your W-2 income is verified and you can apply for a copy of your W-2 in the future.

Does Walmart Mail Out W-2s?

If a person does not yet have a W-2, he or she can log in to the secure ONE portal and download a digital copy of their W-2. Any changes to this information will automatically update the copy in the OneWalmart portal.

 But if you don’t remember your username and password, the username and password are used to access Walmart portals such as your daily clock in.

If you cannot login to the portal and you are unable to call for support, please contact your local Walmart Field support by calling 1-800-965-8902.

Thank you for your continued patience and support.

When Does Walmart Send Out W-2 Forms?

In an effort to help Walmart employees learn about filing taxes next year, the company will provide an online link and a link on its tax website. The IRS says to use “W-2 on-line” as the official name and “W-2 WebLink” as the official keyword.

What Is The EIN For Walmart?

The IRS uses the W-2 form to report payers of income to the agency. The taxpayer is identified using the EIN number.

You need to provide this number so the IRS can verify when you file your taxes that you really did pay yourself.

Where Is The EIN Found On Your Walmart W-2?

If you want to find the EIN on your W-2 form, we recommend using the Box B, and it’s a nine-digit number (71-0415188).

If you’re in the United States, it will be on your Social Security card.
If you’re not in the United States, it’s usually on your passport.
If you’re not in the United States, and your passport has expired, you can also get it from the Social Security Administration using their online form.

What Can I Do If My Employer Doesn’t Give Me A W-2 form?

If you don’t get a W-2 from your employer, you should contact them to help you file taxes, because it can lead to you filing late and getting a heavy fine.

1. Call your employer and ask for the W-2 form.

2. Ask the employer to give you a W-3, which is the form given to the Social Security Administration.

3. Go to the Social Security Administration and enter your own income and other information into their system.

If you’re looking to learn more, you can also see our posts on whether or not Walmart pays payroll taxes, if Walmart cashes payroll checks, and also if they pay weekly.


It is essential to know tax filing rules if you have trouble getting your W-2 form from Walmart.

   If you did well at your current work and got good grades, you should try to contact the company you worked at.

In this scenario, when you receive your W-2 from Walmart, you won’t have to fill out a W-4.

It’s important to also request for a time extension if you cannot access the filing documents. The IRS will send them to you if you request one within the time period.

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