How Can I Get A W-2 From Kroger? (all You Faqs Answered)

Kroger is a good place to look for jobs if you are looking for a new job opportunity or part-time work in a retail chain. Like most employers, Kroger provides its employees with the tax forms to use when filing returns.

The W-2 (Wage & Tax Statement) form has to be filled out for ALL employees. This means that if you’re a contractor, the W-2 form must be done individually for you.

How Can I Get a W-2 From Kroger In 2022?

Kroger employees can view their W-2 forms via a mobile app. To use this app, you must first be an Equifax Credit Report customer. Then, you must go to and sign in, and then go to your Equifax File Information. Next, click the My Wage and Tax Statement link to download a copy. Or, if you don’t have Equifax’s mobile app, you can access your file through the online Express HR system. The employer can mail your forms to you.

Check out this page for more information about the different forms you might want to use for your tax filing!

Where Do You Get Your W-2 From Kroger?

W-2 forms are available for both current and past employees so you need to contact the Human Resources and Payroll department to request the W-2.

Once you have received the tax forms, you can now file the form either in paper or electronically. Kroger will deliver the form according to your choice.

Note 1: When you decide to receive the tax forms electronically, you will receive an email to confirm.
Note 2: When you choose to receive the tax forms electronically, you will need to submit the form electronically.

How to file and submit your tax forms?
You can file your taxes through the web.

For the W-2 form, you can log into the Kroger Express HR portal using your employer ID and password.

If you want to access the W-2 electronically, you can sign up on the Equifax Workforce Solutions website.

I have to make sure that the W-2 is what the IRS wants to see.

How Can You Get the W-2 Form From Kroger as a Former Employee?

If you are a former employee, or if you retired from Kroger, you can’t get the W-2 tax forms on your personal computer because you lose access to the website once you leave.

You can ask for the request form in person at your former store, by requesting that a copy of your request be mailed to your current store.
Or, you can download the request form and mail it to your current store.

Another option is to fill out the W-2 tax form on-line and have the forms mailed to you.

In order to create your account on this website, you must use a unique user id and a unique password.

Does Kroger Mail Out W-2s?

Kroger employees download the W-2 tax forms on their electronic devices.

You could also create a password reset form where you can provide your email along with other information such as the employee’s name and the password required for accessing the portal.

You need to go to the IRS website and fill out a request for electronic filing. This is a bit of an involved process, so it’s best to get help from an accountant. It can be a bit complicated.

Thank you for contacting the branch, and please note that the person you are speaking to is unable to assist you at this time.

You can return to the home page and speak to other human resource departments, and/or contact a customer service representative via 1-513-762-4000 2 to find out how to resolve this issue.

When Does Kroger Send Out W-2 Forms?

The employer must mail the forms by the end of January.

In the event there are late submissions, the employer will be penalized an additional 10% for tardiness and the employee will be charged an additional 25% for late return processing.

This allows employees to file their taxes by the end of April.

What Is the EIN for Kroger?

When filling out the W-2 tax forms, the IRS requires you to fill in your employer identification number (EIN). This number is unique for each business entity and helps the IRS to keep track of your company’s income.

if you work for a store, your EIN is 310345740.

I’d advise you get this number from the recruiter so you’ll know what to expect when filing your taxes.

1. You may try to contact the people who may be responsible for reviewing the contract, if you are not sure who is in charge.

Where Is the EIN Found on the Kroger W-2?

On your W-2 form, there is a box that needs your Employer Identification Number. This is a 9-digit number usually printed above your employer’s name.

You can also check with your local grocery store’s HR department or payroll department to find out whether they have an EIN.

Kroger will ask you for your social Security number (SSN). If you do have a US-based credit card, you’ll probably be asked for your address. You may be asked for your name, but you probably won’t be asked for your birth date or driver’s license number.

You can also find the online EIN by searching for your business’s name on the online company database called the Secretary of State Corporation database.

What Can You Do If Kroger Doesn’t Give You A W-2 Form?

You should contact your employer if you don’t receive the W-2 tax form from them.

The IRS does not have sympathy for tax cheats, that’s why most people choose to file their taxes on April 15 – and that’s also when they normally receive their refund.

Once you have been put on leave, you must fill out a leave of absence form in order to be eligible for benefits.

If you would like to request an extension, please contact the IRS and they may give you an extension.

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Kroger is one of the few companies that use the Equifax W-2 tax forms to collect the 1099-K tax form. This 1099-K tax form will show the employee how much money is being withheld for taxes. This information is not available to the IRS.

But in your case, the email is enough.

The W-2 will be sent to your employer’s payroll office when you send your W-2 form. Some companies don’t use payroll. If your employer is one of them, wait for the W-2 to be mailed. You’ll be able to see the mailing address on the back of the form.

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