Walmart Produce Associate (duties, Pay, Is It A Hard Job + More)

Walmart is one of the largest retail companies in the world and they’re always looking for people to fill jobs in their stores and their distribution centers.

The produce associate position requires you to work a variety of different shifts. These could include day shifts, late night shifts, and even Sunday’s. Therefore, the hours of work are often unpredictable. Sometimes, you may work for 2 hours on a Sunday, while other days, you could work for 8 hours straight.

What Is A Walmart Produce Associate In 2022?

The produce associate may be responsible for stocking, organizing, removing expired or damaged goods, following food safety requirements, and sanitizing throughout the department. The produce associate answers all customer questions and know details about each produce item within the department to share with customers in 2022.

Do you have any other questions about being a Walmart produce associate? If so, read more information about hourly pay, how you are ranked against other people trying for the same job, and more!

What Does a Walmart Produce Associate Do?

As a produce associate, the produce department employee’s job responsibilities include the following: stocking, receiving and organizing the various foods and vegetables.

You will be providing customer support to our existing and prospective customers. You must interact with customers to understand their needs and take appropriate action to resolve their issues. You need to be able to empathize with the customers. You need to be able to listen to each customer carefully and have good listening skills. You need to be able to understand each customers needs and be able to provide appropriate solutions.

How Much Does a Produce Associate Make at Walmart?

At walmart it should be around 12 an hour and you can work up to as high as 17 an hour based on experience and work area you work at.

However, if you’re good at organizing and inventory management, you’ll have a better chance of landing a higher paying job.

What Qualifications Does a Walmart Produce Associate Need?

There are no educational prerequisites for work as a produce associate, but the typical first step is a high school diploma.

You have to go through a job assessment and training before you can start working as a produce associate. They would provide on-the-job training, and if you are interested in working in the produce department, they would teach you computers/finance/how to work in a warehouse.

Is Working In Produce at Walmart Hard?

Working in a variety of departments in a grocery store, being paid to gain the knowledge and skills required to work in food and produce gives you an opportunity to make your own way in life.

Because you will be dealing with customers, having a personal interest in the food and food preparation is going to help you remember what the customer had said and to know when to apologize and say “I’m so sorry that happened.” I will be more interested in the preparation and more knowledgeable on the topic of food preparation.

However, if you enjoy cooking, this job can be fun and interesting as well. Many young professionals are becoming interested in the culinary arts, and they are drawn to this type of job because they are passionate about food and enjoy cooking.

Is a Produce Associate at Walmart a Good Job?

While you may be responsible for stocking grocery items, you must also be able to serve customers and have a positive attitude about the job.

Former and current employees at Walmart’s produce department have said that they always got a team to work with, which made them more productive and made the job more fun.

However, there were several complaints about the poor leadership and lack of communication.

Employees note that a produce associate is a fun and laid back department compared to the fast paced, cashier position, or deli department.

What Shifts Can a Produce Associate at Walmart Work?

Three shifts are for a produce associate. They are the first shift, second shift and the third shift.

Therefore, this means that someone is there to open the store every day.

There are several different variants of the above sentence. We can say that the sentence would most naturally be interpreted as meaning “there is someone at the store” by changing the order of verb and subject. This verb/subject change is also known as inversion. What order we use is not a very big deal, but some people prefer to change the order when it makes the sentence more natural.

However, some stores may have varying demand that can cause shifts to be shorter or longer than the required number.

There are a lot of opportunities at Walmart. You can check our posts on overnight stocker, overnight associate, and night stock.


The role of a produce associate is to oversee the produce department, including lifting heavy boxes onto carts to stock and restock produce as needed, organizing and displaying the produce, and ensuring no expired or damaged items are displayed.

If a person is a produce associate, they are required to be knowledgeable about produce. No educational background is required.

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