How To Delete A Usps Account? (step-by-step Guide)

Deleting a postal account helps prevent any kind of spam, scams, and junk mail. In fact, postal accounts automatically delete themselves when you’re inactive for 3 months, which should be enough time for anyone to send out all their spam.

You can do that by logging in to your My Account.
You can also access your account through the My Account section in the USPS website.
You can also do that by submitting a Customer Service Request Form. You can do that from the home page of the USPS website.

How to Delete a USPS Account In 2022

It is currently not possible to delete a USPS account. However, you can have an account with the USPS and not have an account with online carriers. To do this, call the USPS customer service center on the Postal Service’s website.

If you have decided that you want to delete your USPS account but are unsure on how to do it, then be sure to read on.

Can You Delete Your USPS Account?

It is true that it is possible to delete your online USPS account, but you will have to do it manually through USPS systems.

You can’t delete your own mail box.
You can’t delete your own mail box.
You can’t delete your own mail box.
You can’t delete your own mail box.

The next two sections will walk you through the methods for each of these cases.

How Do You Delete Your USPS Account?

One is in the upper right corner of the account area, and the other is in the dropdown below.

You can just email the Postal Service and ask them.

You can visit the USPS support center online and file a support ticket.

You can also use the command “mail -s“ to send a message. This command sends the message
“C:/cygwin/etc/passwd“, although you can use your system `mail` command.

After having a conversation with our developer and the USPS we came to two options: The first one is that we have to delete the account from the Post Office website, and the other is to have the system delete them automatically from the database of the system.
Based on the second option, the system has to be set to delete these accounts automatically in our system, and this is what we want.

I’m not sure how to send a delete email to USPS, but that would be a good way to get rid of their email address.

Your account will be marked as invalid in your own database after you have successfully paid for the subscription.

If you wish to delete or have your information removed from our system please follow the instructions below.

1. Go to
2. Select delete a USPS account from the list of available options.
3. Fill in your account name, account number, and password.
4. Select submit.
5. Follow the links to confirm the deletion.

After completing all the steps, you’ve requested for your account to be deleted from the USPS.

We’ll review your request as quickly as possible. Once reviewed, we’ll respond to you in accordance with the information you provided.

Why Would Someone Delete a USPS Account?

There’s no doubt about it, a post office account can be very useful. After all, having an account allows you to request a package pickup, file a missing mail claim, and print shipping labels.

But with the addition of the chat app, users can now have access to their data even when they are offline.

If you have a USPS account that is not active or if you no longer use the service, you can either remove the account, or change the account name.

To learn more, you can also read our articles on how to use your USPS account, how to stop mail forwarding, and why is your USPS account disabled.


You can create a PO Box account without creating an account. All you need is a phone number to verify your address.

Once you mail your payment it will take us about 7-10 days to process your requested service.

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