Why Is Usps So Slow? (10 Reasons Why It’s Taking So Long)

But when the U.S. Postal Service delivers to a mailbox with an envelope that’s been opened by an unauthorized person, it’s basically a lost cause.

The biggest issue is that the USPS has, for nearly a year now, been dealing with a national problem involving a computer glitch that has slowed the delivery of First-Class Mail.

1. The United States Postal Service (USPS) is a private company that was founded in 1775 and is the second largest postal system in the world. It is also the largest and most ubiquitous mail system in the world. USPS has a huge budget and receives billions of dollars in government funding each year.

2. Postage rates are constantly being raised and lowered, and there are a few things you can do to affect the speed at which your mail gets delivered.

Why Is USPS So Slow In 2022?

1. USPS Changed Their Delivery Timeframes

When the postmaster general said that the U.S. would be slowing First-Class mail service, it caused a lot of problems. Most of the problem is that the U.S. would be slowing the mail to other countries.

Louis DeJoy, who is the Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate seat in Arkansas, is proposing to change the way the Postal Service moves mail.

Louis would like the service to take one to five days per year to deliver mail to customers.

One of the ways the government is trying to make the USPS more financially sound is to eliminate the 2-ounce first class letter delivery service.

The postal service plans to cut mail service to six days a week if Congress doesn’t approve a $20.5 billion bailout fund.

There is a huge issue with long waiting lists. Forty percent of the country has to wait for more than 24 hours for a reply to a letter.

A postal service expert told Vox that due to recent issues with the USPS, it will have a slower mail delivery year.

In my own experience, mail that used to take one or two days now takes three or four, as everything coming north gets sorted for city locations and then sent on to the distribution center.

While the initial plan of this is to take down the USPS, I also do sympathize with the people who are going to be unable to send letters for a while.

Despite these concerns, DeJoy emphasized that his plan would ultimately save USPS $160 billion.

To see the effects of the delay on people in your area, you can enter your address into the map below.

The postal service says that your mail is moving slow from other parts of the country and that you may not have a chance to get it until the end of the day.

2. You Live In A Rural Area

Critics of the postmaster general said that the slower mail could be disastrous for rural communities, where the post office is nothing short of a lifeline with the wider world.

There are also many people (in rural areas, mostly) who live in a neighborhood of houses that are all more than five miles away from each other.

One of FedEx’s largest competitors is the United States Postal Service, which has been struggling financially after an expansion of the post office caused it to lose money.

As people living in these remote places would receive mail much later than those living in major cities, there would be a significant delay in getting mail from the outside world.

3. You Live Outside The Continental U.S.

The USPS has a long-standing practice of not delivering mail to out-of-state residents, even when the recipient is part of the same state as the sender.

If you live in one of these areas, you might need to adjust your delivery expectations when you get your mail. The post office has reduced its service as a result from the coronavirus quarantine.

Postmaster General Megan J. DeJoy is planning to cut back on air mail and rely more heavily on truck transport.

Mail that arrives during the holiday weekend is delayed as the holiday weekend is a peak period.

4. The Sender Chose A Slower Service

The message could be delayed because the sender chose a slower service. If you want something specific, wait a little longer.

From http://www.shipping.org/moms/priority/

The two Priority Mail services are Priority Mail Parcel and Priority Mail Express.

You have to register on the site to pay with PayPal, and you can’t check out without being logged in. You can’t really “pay” with PayPal as you can with the credit card. You have to wait until the post office picks up your package, and it’s not guaranteed.

5. Trucks Have Been Limited

One of the first changes to the US Postal Service’s plan to become financially sustainable was when the Postmaster General said that he plans to cut down on late and extra truck trips.

The problem with these restrictions is that they could result in trucks not being able to load deliveries due to having to wait an extra day for a truck to return.

6. There Has Been A Weather Disaster

It’s getting warmer and with it a lot of different weather occurrences.

Weather can affect the speed of mail delivery. Weather can make it snow and be cold everywhere or it can be warm and be hot everywhere.

I found that if it’s going to take a while to get to me, the website will let you know if there will be a delay in shipping.

7. There Was A Major Traffic Incident

This is similar to the weather, where traffic incidents can be sudden and very inconvenient to mail delivery.

If you get a package for Valentine’s Day, expect the package to arrive at the same time the love is in place.

8. It’s The Holiday Season

With Thanksgiving just a few days away, retailers have been opening their doors this week to shoppers who are eager to stock up on everything from sweet turkeys to the perfect Christmas lights.

In addition to the added stress and confusion caused by the holiday itself, if you do plan on picking up your goods from the post office, be prepared to wait. The Post Office can only hire on a limited number of extra seasonal workers, so customers that want to pick up their orders during the busy times will likely experience delays.

And I’m not saying that it’s not a problem. But I think there are plenty of places in the world where that’s not a problem.

I know they feel bad doing this but remember they are only human and they are trying to do their best.

9. It’s A Sunday

Apostles, my fellow Christians, are those who follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. The Holy Bible is the word of God.

Even if you are expecting something, unless it is Picked up by Priority Express, they will not deliver it on a Sunday.

So while you may think that United States Postal Service are being “slow,” it’s actually just them not being open for business on Sundays, unless someone pays a little extra.

10. It’s An Election Year

It is easier to vote by mail, and we need to have that option for every eligible voter in every state.

As of January 12, 2020, mail-in votes now are available in all but two states, and one of those states (Washington) has announced it will transition to mail-in ballots beginning on January 17 (as of January 12, mail-in ballots were available in only six states, and in all six states mail-in ballots were only available during the early-voting period).

If you want to know more about shipping from Puerto Rico to a US address, you can see more on that too, as well as learn about if and when USPS sends tracking and sends text messages.


This is caused by the US Postmaster General, Louis DeJoy being a communist and having a deep dislike for capitalism.

However, slow shipping can also occur for reasons beyond human control, like bad weather systems or traffic incidents, or it can happen at times of especially busy shipping, like holidays.

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