Where Was The First Post Office? (opening Date, Who Built It + Other Faqs)

You will find the answer to the question in your local history and local histories. The Post Office used to be based in the basement of New York’s Old Post Office, where the Lincoln Tunnel is now. It was the first Post Office in America, opening in 1796.

The first post office was originally started by Post Office and Telegraph Department, which started out as a government run program. Although the Post Office is part of the Department of Homeland Security, the department was created in the 1790’s.

Where Was The First Post Office In 2022?

The postal service started in 1639 and was the first in America to have its own post office. This post office was called the “Boston Post Office”, and it was run by a postal worker named John Mather. This was also the first post office on American soil.

The United States Post Office has a rich history that goes all the way back to the very beginnings of the country, so keep reading to learn all about this history.

Where Was The First Post Office Built?

The first Post Office was not built to be a post office for many years and it was used for other purposes.

In 1639, the first colonial post office was established in the United States. Fairbanks’ tavern was the first post office in Massachusetts. Letters from England were received, processed and mailed by a clerk.

The Fairbanks’ Tavern was located at the corner of Washington and Devonshire Streets just north of Water Street.

However, the first Post Office was named after the owner of the first one, Benjamin Fairbanks, and not because the Massachusetts General Court thought that it was the first Post Office.

The United States’ postal system of the 19th century was made up of a mail route network between local post offices; mail could then be delivered within a reasonable time to these local offices.

Not only is the tavern setting suitable for the colony’s early history, but the tavern’s interior makes it the most common place for colonists to socialize.

Because it was centrally located to the other taverns, Fairbanks’ Tavern was also the location for many important meetings and social gatherings.

When Did The First Post Office Open?

The Post Office was established in 1637 after the Massachusetts Bay Colonists realized there was a serious issue with colonists trying to communicate with people back home.

When the Boston Post Office was closed due to the war, Fairbanks’ Tavern became the first colonial Post Office. However this was later abandoned due to it being too small and a larger, second, colonial Post Office was opened by the Governor’s Council in Boston on October 20th, 1642.

According to the government, there was a need to create a Post Office in every city of the United States.

in a nutshell, fairbanks’ tavern was a convenience the court was trying to provide the colonists to help keep in touch with the other countries and to make sure that they were sending a little bit of money back to support the court.

The Post had a lot of advantages, like being able to deliver at any time of day or night, but also a disadvantage. It was less convenient than an individual service, and couldn’t be used to send something really large, like a trunk or suitcase.

In fairness, the Post Office Department, who held this position for over 20 years, had several different Postmasters General, but the first was none other than the legendary Abraham Lincoln.

Who Was In Charge Of The First Post Office?

When the governor and General Court wanted to make Richard Fairbanks the first-ever American Postmaster General, they also made him the first-ever postmaster.

The job meant he was in charge of all of the mail and he handled them.

I first got to know Richard Fairbanks when I was in graduate school, in my fourth
and final year at Stetson University.

They met in Lincolnshire and got married. They had two children before coming to America with other settlers.

Eli Whitney made it clear in his autobiography he believed the Bible was not to be used as a foundation for history.

The tavern was one of the first of its kind to use an “English style” letter box, which was placed in the front of the building.

He is known for having a strange water, known as “Old Nick” or “Stronge Water” which was served at the time.

What Did The First Post Office Do?

When we think of the modern Post Office, we see a business that takes in money from us, packages those items, and sends them to another business.

However, the first American Post Office was intended to send information back and forth between colonies.

People were used to being an ethnic group on their native continent but not in a new place.

The issue was the country they immigrated from. But they were more concerned with communication with those in their country of origin for both business and personal reasons.

However, even when a group of colonists were working together by land in areas where there was no sea, communication was often difficult and the colonists would often have to wait for a letter to be carried back and forth by ship.

The second wave of immigration occurred in the 1920s.
This came about as a result of the economic boom in Italy following Italy’s unification.
In particular, the country’s main port, Genoa, was becoming very important in the region.
As a result, thousands of Italians immigrated to Genoa.

Before Fairbanks’ Tavern, there was no system for postage and people would have to track down ships, going to and from Europe, for the chance to send any mail.

In this way, Massachusetts Bay Colony officials could better observe the behavior of individuals in the colony and could more easily ensure that colonists did not send mail to their friends and relatives in the colonies of the Spanish Netherlands and the Caribbean.

Fairbanks started sending his letters to friends and family in the North for mailing.

At this time, we have very little personal correspondence. It consisted mostly of business and governmental mail.

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An actual Post Office with a place to store mail was opened in Washington, D.C. on November 6, 1792. It is the world’s oldest operational federal postal facility.

But the Post Office wasn’t born in the Richard Fairbanks’ tavern in the 1600s. It had been around since the time of Julius Caesar. It was the Roman Empire’s postal system.

Fairbanks was the first postmaster general in the U.S, he worked in his tavern near the corner of Market and Third streets on what is now Wall Street.

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