Does Walmart Deliver To Po Boxes? 

Post office boxes (P.O. Box) are often used as a way to receive mail by individuals who live outside their home address.

Walmart does NOT deliver to PO boxes. They can only deliver to billing addresses. If you are interested in your packages being delivered to your PO box, please make sure to have a physical address on file with the post office.

Does Walmart Deliver To PO Boxes In 2022?

Unfortunately, Walmart doesn’t deliver any products to PO box addresses in any state within the United States as of 2022. Instead, customers may be able to ship orders to their local post office by utilizing USPS General Delivery, which is for those without a permanent address.

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Why Does Walmart Not Deliver To PO Box Addresses?

Since Walmart doesn’t develop their own infrastructure, they use third-party delivery companies like FedEx or Amazon to deliver their orders to their customers.

The two main delivery providers that Walmart works with to deliver Walmart items on Walmart for a fee (at and

UPS has changed their policy in the past. They do ship to PO box addresses.
FedEx has not stated this anywhere, so you need to clarify with them if that is indeed the case.

The UPS Service Guarantee covers the shipping of your packages up to the US$300 shipping limit and for a maximum of six (6) years, as long as you keep the same address for billing.
The UPS Service Guarantee will cover the first US$300 of the shipping cost of a shipment.
After the UPS Service Guarantee covers the shipping cost, the total shipping cost could be charged to your account.

Is There Any Way Around This? 

Many online retailers work with a service called ShipStation, which allows your store to forward an order to a PO box.

But there is a catch…they do not forward mail to your current address and will not process mail for you unless you pay them to go to your street address.

Another option you can try is to have your order sent to your local post office directly by inputting their address into the order.

We’ve got your order here at Walmart! You can also add your PO box number as your apartment number for delivery to make sure your order gets to you!

We tested FedEx and UPS shipping and neither would take this product, they just send it back. I wonder why this is.

In short, the above approach is a little difficult for beginners but if you are comfortable with the syntax, then it is a good solution.

How Is A PO Box Address Different To A Regular Street Address?

The U.S. Postal Service requires a PO Box number for the delivery of commercial mail. The number should be the last 3 digits of the phone number (9, 10, and 11). A company name can be included if it is a delivery to a PO box commercial mailing address.

The “Postmark” stamp you see is the United States Postal Service (USPS) logo of the mail carrier. It is a mark used on mail to show the United States Post Office was the office that delivered the mail.

The “Post Office” stamp that you see on the bottom left hand side of the stamp is the “Department of the Treasury” and it is also a mark used on mail to show the government office that delivered the mail.

For example, a business may have a business address or P.O. Box mailing address, but it may be physically located elsewhere.

Are There Any Restrictions For Walmart Delivery To Street Addresses?

Walmart has not announced when they will be ready to handle online orders. They do take online orders for their US stores.

To successfully ship an order from Walmarts online site to international countries, a customer would have to go through the hassle of finding an international forwarding company willing to forward the package to that particular countries address.

If customers wish to send their old Walmart items abroad, they must purchase new packaging and send their old items to the nearest Walmart.

To learn more about why your order may still be shipping from the time you placed your order, be sure to see out other guides on Walmart orders shipping slow, Walmart shipping time, and how to place an expedited order.


Walmart offers fantastic reliable deliveries to the USA from their website or from Walmart stores.

However, Walmart does NOT deliver to PO box addresses. If you find the fact that we don’t ship to PO box addresses to be of great annoyance as a customer, please take a look into the fact that we sell US Postal Service or US Mail-In Shipping.

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