Will Ups Deliver To A Po Box? (Everything To Know!)

United Parcel Service, a multinational American company that offers a variety of complex services, is a US multinational. Consumers are always trying to find out if UPS delivers to standard PO boxes. Unfortunately, the answer is no.

This article will discuss UPS’s delivery options. It will also address the PO box delivery issue. What are they? Why UPS doesn’t use them? And what can you do about it.

UPS Will Deliver to a PO Box

UPS cannot deliver to PO boxes. Only the United States Postal Service can deliver to PO boxes. UPS will deliver to PO boxes that have a street address.

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Why won’t UPS deliver to PO boxes?

United Parcel Service prohibits delivery to PO boxes. UPS and the Postal Service have two completely different companies.

UPS will not pay for postage if they want to deliver items to a postal box.

PO Boxes can only be used by the Postal Service. They cannot be used for items that are delivered via other services.

There is an exception: Private Mail boxes, which are not PO boxes, can be used by citizens and businesses to receive shipping from UPS (and FedEx). This is possible through private arrangements.

UPS Will Deliver to PO Boxes with Street Addresses

United Parcel Service will deliver to PO Boxes if the address is correct. This is a specific street address format that is needed to clearly state that the items are being “delivered” and not “posted”.

Only the Postal Service can legally deliver mail to PO Boxes. UPS requires a physical address to deliver mail.

Customers have discovered that it is possible to deliver if they give a street address.

To format your address, you simply need to write your name and the street address of your post office, along with your PO Box number (or house number) as the “unit”. This method has been endorsed by consumers and is acceptable for both UPS as well as the Postal Service.

What happens if UPS delivers to your PO Box?

There is no need for panic if you are aware that UPS is transporting your item and that the delivery address they gave you is not a standard PO Box.

First, you will have to give a pone number when the transaction was being completed. UPS will use this number to contact you regarding a delivery address that they can use, such as a friend’s/family member’s address.

If you are unable to provide one, you will need to arrange to pick up your package at a local UPS store or retail location. This may prove to be somewhat inconvenient.

Sometimes, your local post office might agree to receive and hold UPS deliveries on your behalf (without any charge to either side). This is at the discretion of the staff and will depend on how busy they are, how often you request it, and how frequently.

It’s better to not rely on this option.

How can you get UPS to deliver to your PO Box?

There are two ways to ensure your delivery arrives at your PO Box. You can use a street address or shop with companies that use SurePost.

UPS will only be able to deliver your goods if you provide a street address. Ask the staff at the post office about enrolling in street address version when you buy a PO Box. This feature should be included in the purchase of the POBox.

United Parcel Services offers SurePost, a shipping service that aims to reduce the shipping costs.

You can receive a package ordered from Amazon using a PO box if Amazon uses SurePost to deliver it.

SurePost is available to anyone. Many large e-commerce companies (such as Amazon) have purchased the service for a while.

You can also have your items delivered to a friend or work address if none of these options are available to you.

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While the UPS website clearly lists information for consumers, it can be difficult to determine what type of address UPS requires to expedite your package delivery. It is not difficult to find the answer – it takes some searching.


  • Include a current telephone number in all delivery information
  • When shopping online, make sure to check for the SurePost option
  • Your PO Box should have “street address” enabled
  • Before you make any online purchases, ensure that you verify the delivery method

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