Does Ups Ship To Po Boxes? (all You Need To Know)

We already know you can ship to many locations outside of the US, and we have a lot of options for you to choose from to ship to other countries as well, so let’s make that easier for you.

Does UPS ship to PO boxes? I found out that UPS is a great shipping carrier, and will send anything in a box to you! For example, if you’re making a big purchase online, you can have it shipped to a PO box, which isn’t a real address, but rather, one that your shipping carrier will deliver to you.

Does UPS Ship to PO Boxes In 2022?

USPS offers a mailing solution that allows you to ship your package to the nearest USPS location instead of the “drop off point.” When shipping to a USPS location, select the USPS Street Address option, and enter your destination location in the Street Address field.

UPS guidelines say that you can ship a package to a PO box, but you cannot ship a package to a residence or business that is not your own. You should only ship a package to your own business address, your own residence address, or your own UPS store.

As far as I know, no shipper, at this moment, will ship to a PO box. You will need to speak to your local carrier to inquire about this change.

While there is a section on the UPS website which indicates that military addresses are usually not deliverable through other commercial carriers, that section indicates that such addresses are not the only exception.

Military Mail is delivered to the post office and then to the base. In other words, there is no distribution into individual PO boxes or individual addresses.

These addresses are either PO boxes or Military Post Office addresses, meaning any location that is either part of the Army, Navy or Air Force, or a military installation.

For example, to send a letter to Jane Street, PO Box 1569, New York, NY 10013-1569.

The name of the receiver is “TESTTREE”.

It appears that this unit was placed in a storage bay for a while before being moved to the basement. You may try opening an order from Box 4190 to move it.

It is located at 96278-2050.

I think the reasons why UPS is prohibited from delivering to PO Box addresses is that they require a physical delivery address to be able to perform delivery which is a liability for UPS as well as not allowing the person who receives a package to sign for it.

Why Won’t UPS Ship to PO Boxes?

PO boxes are service offered by Post offices in which you mail gets delivered to you from a different location.

Post Office, meaning mailing your order, but this term is used in the postal system because when you receive your order you will have to come to the post office to pick it up.

USPS is an organization owned by the US government and is run by many different postal workers, some of whom are employees of the post office and others are contract workers.

It makes all USPS Post Offices Federal Property. Mailboxes and PO boxes are also federal property and are part of this agreement. However, private organizations such as UPS and FedEx do not have access to these areas.

Many apps on the App Store take advantage of Apple’s private APIs to access and display private information about the user.

In order to get the USPS to deliver to your PO Box you need to enroll in the “Street Address” program with USPS.

You can also go to US Postal site and enter the physical address of your PO Box. They should be able to find your PO Box location on their system and provide the Street Address information.

If you want to know the street address of the location your PO Box is located, you can call the Post Office and ask them for the address.

This box number is not a real address.

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Once the USPS has picked up the USPS package, it will be taken offsite and processed by USPS and then it will be delivered to your PO box.

Does UPS Ship to International PO Boxes?

You can usually ship your package to a local post office, and have it forwarded to an international shipping location.

But most importantly, this is in line with the USPS policy for shipping to military addresses as they are NOT considered residential addresses, and therefore not eligible shipping locations.

The reason the military is allowed to use UPS is because they don’t have to pick up the packages.

I think that it is the same as in the US, when a soldier’s mail is delivered to the base, it is given to the guards at the gate for military postal workers to pick up and distribute.

Which Carriers Can Ship to a PO Box?

Only USPS is allowed to manage shipments made to PO boxes, due to the fact that USPS is a federal entity and the government owns that mail.

Note: Street Address will NOT be honored if you put the Street Address on the front of your package, but it will be honored if it is on the back of it, if the shipment is “Return Receipt” requested.

Packages may be dropped off at any of the United States Post Office locations, including those listed above, but may not be picked up at the drop off point.

The clerk could even refuse an address because the address is incorrect or too long.

As much as a lot of people complain, UPS has a good record when it comes to delivering packages.

A refusal to accept an international package will delay it’s arrival and shipping charges may be incurred.

I’ve never had a refusal.

If you want to learn more, you can also see our posts on whether or not UPS drops off on Tuesday, if UPS updates tracking, and if UPS delivers on Saturdays.


UPS technically does not ship to PO boxes owned and operated by USPS, but they will always deliver to PO boxes even if the address is in the wrong UPS area.

If your package will not fit into the package tray, UPS will call to advise you to ship a box.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find information about whether Street Address PO Box locations are available in your area. However, if you can provide the Zip Code of the street address that you’re interested in, we’ll be able to provide you with more information. Thanks!

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