Does Fedex Deliver To Po Boxes? (all You Need To Know)

FedEx and some others, like Amazon, use a service called “SmartPost” where you can order a package from a retailer located near you and then have it dropped off automatically to a location like your home.

Mail goes to a post office box, not a house. A PO box is a type of mailbox specially designed to fit a large flat package like a post card or package. The benefit of a PO box is that you get to use an official-looking mailbox for free. You use the same box you would use for a house, and you use the same mailbox number as you do a home address. But keep in mind that FedEx doesn’t deliver to PO boxes, so people who are expecting packages have to take other delivery options.

Does FedEx Deliver To PO Boxes In 2022?

There are some exceptions to this rule. FedEx Ground can deliver to PO boxes if the “PO box” is in a UPS Store. FedEx Ground can deliver to the USPS-owned P.O. boxes in the same way as to the USPS-owned boxes in post offices. FedEx Ground cannot deliver to USPS-owned boxes in post offices that are designated as “competitive.” FedEx Ground can only deliver to PO boxes in the same way as USPS parcels.

This process is one of the most crucial parts of creating a business plan.

Does FedEx Express Deliver To PO Boxes?

But in some cases, FedEx Express may deliver to a PO box.

The post office will not make your life any easier by opening that box when you ask them to. In fact, it might be a little bit more of a hassle.

It is considered that the second rule, not the first, is the most important.

Does FedEx Ground Economy Deliver To PO Boxes?

FedEx Ground Economy is the only FedEx service that can deliver to all PO boxes without special requirements or exceptions.

Even in the most basic cases, the person picking up the package needs to know the shipping service and the tracking number.

You also need to know that it will be a bit different in your area, because the FedEx/USPS joint agreement is only in the cities and large metro areas.

FedEx (whose delivery people will not go to a P.O. Box) is not allowed to deliver FedEx packages to USPS delivery people, though.

Why Can’t FedEx Deliver to PO Boxes?

FedEx is no longer allowed to deliver to PO boxes because these boxes belong to the post office.

Therefore, because USPS owns these receptacles and is responsible for them, it doesn’t give anyone else any access.

What Happens If You Send A FedEx Package To A PO Box?

When you fill out the shipping label online, you will receive an error if you try to ship to a P.O. box.

It prevents packages from being delivered to the home address.

However, in the case of a PO box, if someone fails to get an error message and the package is address to a PO box, all is not lost.

FedEx will use its Ground Economy service for the last part of the delivery. This means that a USPS employee will hand over the package.

So, the only difference is that the package is delivered via a USPS employee instead of FedEx.
However, the cost of the delivery is now higher due to the increased delivery time. To compensate for this, we must add the shipping prices together to arrive at the expected package delivery cost.

Additionally, this info applies to domestic POs only, which are not allowed to ship to addresses outside the US.

As a result of FedEx Express’s actions, the Puerto Rico Post of Commerce ordered Puerto Rico-based FedEx and FedEx Freight to cease offering services to Puerto Rico and Caribbean addresses; Puerto Rico Post of Commerce is a state agency.

The only exceptions are Marine Corps Post Offices (MPO) and Merchant Marine Post Offices (MMPO).

Are There Cases Where FedEx Can Deliver Packages To A PO Box?

In fact, FedEx does deliver packages to PO Boxes, but can’t guarantee next-day delivery.

For instance, the largest post office in the U.S. is in New York. If the USPS were to change the rules to prevent this competition, then in New York they would have no more than one central post office, and thus no more than one local postmaster.

Deliveries to a post office box are free as long as you don’t use the PO box number for anything else.

Examples of addresses include street names, suite names, or a building or apartment number within a building.

Post Office lets third-party companies that provide delivery service to do business in competitive geographic areas because there’s a profit incentive in doing so.

It is impossible for the USPS to lose money based on a third party’s decision to enter into a contractual arrangement.

As for Canada, we do not recognize PO boxes on military bases for any companies, including FedEx. If you are not sure, I would recommend contacting them to confirm.

If you’re using a mail box at a non-post office location (e.g., Postal Plus or Mailboxes Etc) you can add delivery locations to your FedEx account. This lets FedEx know that you do not want to use your nearest post office as your delivery location. You can add up to 100 delivery locations. You can select delivery locations from the FedEx website or from the FedEx app.

The question I got from a user was how to ship items to an address to prevent the package from being delivered to the wrong address.
If the package is addressed to a street address, then the FedEx office should deliver it there. If the package is addressed to a PO Box, then the FedEx office should deliver it to the address listed on the FedEx label.


In most cases, FedEx cannot deliver to your USPS PO box because these boxes are the property of USPS and thus, FedEx is not allowed access to them. They have no responsibility for delivering to those boxes. Typically the customer has to pay an extra fee to the USPS to deliver to their PO box.

The only requirement is that you use a valid license from a reputable game company.

If you receive a FedEx package and the delivery confirmation label doesn’t look like yours, you can verify the package’s location through the package’s tracking number, which you can find on its delivery confirmation label under the ‘Delivery Information’ tab.

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