Does Usps Accept Fedex Returns? (Everything To Know!)

Fedex and USPS are two completely different companies, even though they offer similar (or almost identical) services.

We were curious if FedEx packages could be returned to the USPS. This is what we found …..

FedEx returns accepted by USPS


This article will discuss the return shipping options offered by FedEx and USPS. It will explain what they are and how to use them.

What are FedEx and USPS?

In short, the United States Postal Service is an independent agency under the executive branch. FedEx Corporation, an American multinational conglomerate, focuses on transportation services and e-commerce.

While the USPS holds the monopoly for “letter” delivery in America, it must compete with private delivery services like FedEx, United Parcel Service and Amazon.

FedEx’s main competitor is United Parcel Service (UPS), however, its main competitor is The United States Postal Service.

What is FedEx Ground Economy Shipping?

To discuss your options, create an account with FedEx Ground Economy to learn more.

Ground Economy is designed primarily to serve small and medium-sized businesses. FedEx claims that Ground Economy is efficient, simple and convenient. FedEx can deliver packages that are light, inexpensive and not urgent.

Delivery takes between 4-7 business days depending on destination. Delivery days are Monday through Sunday. The ideal package weight ranges from 1-10 lbs.

FedEx Ground Economy does not offer certain items. These items include:

  • Collect on delivery
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Declared value
  • Correction of address
  • Delivery confirmation signed
  • Evening, appointment, or date-certain delivery
  • Service for hazardous materials
  • Redirect to FedEx Location for Hold
  • Shipper may request delivery redirects

Customers can quickly and easily return their goods using pre-paid return shipping labels. You can also drop off your items at any FedEx or US postal location.

FedEx accepts USPS returns

FedEx only allows FedEx shipments to be processed at FedEx offices. FedEx can process FedEx Ground, FedEx Express, and FedEx ground economy shipping returns.

FedEx cannot process or return packages if you have a different shipping label such as UPS, USPS or Amazon.

FedEx packages can be dropped off at these locations

FedEx has excellent support pages that provide information and locators for all of your drop-off and return questions.

Find out more about QR codes and return labels. Also, learn how to make shipping labels. Learn about packing solutions (including reusable packaging), tracking, handling, and drop-off locations.

FedEx has more than 60,000 drop boxes that can be used to drop off packages.

These include:

  • FedEx offices offer packing and shipping services as well as printing and packing holding.
  • FedEx Ship Centre will ship dangerous goods
  • FedEx at Walgreens: Some locations are open 24 hours
  • FedEx at Dollar General
  • FedEx Office in Walmart (over300 stores) – Packing, Shipping, and Printing
  • Office Depot and OfficeMax: More than 1000 stores, packaging materials
  • FedEx Authorized ShipCenters – These are independent businesses that manage domestic and international shipments.
  • FedEx drop boxes: There are thousands of FedEx drop boxes nationwide. They are available for 24-hour drop off. These drop boxes are useful for returning online orders (using FedEx packaging).


FedEx and USPS, large companies that offer a variety of services, are USPS and FedEx. It can be difficult to know how to combine them. They do however cooperate through FedEx Ground Economy Shipping.

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