How Fast Is Fedex Smartpost? (all You Need To Know)

With fuel going up and the cost of shipping going up, FedEx has a new program called Ground Economy. This program aims to provide affordable shipping, which will hopefully bring the costs down for everyone involved.

SmartPost is a marketing email platform which lets you promote any kind of email campaign, such as offers, discounts, or more. This platform allows you to create, design, schedule, and send emails as fast as your website gets updated.

How Fast Is FedEx SmartPost In 2022?

If you’re interested in faster delivery options, we recommend using FedEx Priority Overnight or FedEx 2Day. You can shop Priority Overnight and 2Day shipping options on checkout.

Returns are free for the first three days. If you prefer to try all our products before buying, we recommend considering returning within the first three days of receiving your order.
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What Is FedEx SmartPost?

We’re going to go over what SmartPost is, and what it isn’t in order to help you understand how it works.

FedEx changed the name of the program called Ground Economy, which is the lowest-cost ground service, to Express Economy.

If you’re wondering why we named it that, the service is actually called SmartPost as opposed to

This service is a new combination of the two shipping services offered by FedEx and USPS.

FedEx will be “bundling” many packages for local and long-haul delivery into a single unit, as a way of making long-haul and local deliveries more efficient.

Because USPS handles the expensive part of shipping (up to 28%), FedEx is able to keep costs low and offer a cheaper shipping option for customers.

As you know, SmartPost packages are not allowed to leave Canada.

We don’t offer the FedEx Guarantee because the shipping is handled by the USPS. If you have any questions you can email us or call 800.535.3067 and we’ll be happy to help!

How Long Does FedEx SmartPost Take?

The average delivery from FedEx takes 2 to 7 business days (the average is 4 days).

A delivery usually takes around 10 to 14 days from the point of order through delivery. Orders are generally filled within one to two business days.

Is FedEx SmartPost Slow?

For a small item, there is really no need to pay $100+ for expedited shipping. But if you will need things shipped to you by a certain date and in a timely manner, then you should really look into paying for it. Here is a table that will give you some idea of what different shipping methods are going to cost you.

If you’re in no rush and want to prioritize cost over speed, then SmartPost’s 2- to 7-day delivery time is definitely the way to go.

And, in the end, it’s up to you to decide how long you want to take and how much time you’re willing to spend.

If you only ship to the 48 contiguous US (except Hawaii), and you’re still experiencing a 1.5 day lag time, FedEx Ground will likely perform better. Unfortunately, the FedEx Ground option has no tracking information.

Is FedEx SmartPost Faster Than FedEx Ground?

FedEx SmartPost is not faster than FedEx Ground in terms of delivery efficiency, and it takes longer to deliver a package than FedEx Ground. Indeed, Ground deliveries tend to arrive in 1.5 days on average, whereas SmartPost deliveries take 4 days on average.

For example, delivery could take 5 days longer than a package sent through FedEx Ground.

This delay is the result of the package hand-off between FedEx and USPS. This will add an extra day to the package journey.

FedEx is also delaying mail deliveries that are too heavy, which should help keep local Post Offices in business.

“SmartPost” is a new service from FedEx that allows retailers to send items like cards, e-mails and books through FedEx, which can send them directly from the Post Office to your house.

Is FedEx SmartPost Faster Than USPS Priority Mail?

Packages shipped by USPS Priority Mail can arrive within 1 to 3 business days.

The truth might be a bit more complex than that but that’s how I read it.
The author claims that Amazon is in the business of providing value to customers so that they will continue to use the Amazon platform and buy from Amazon.

Is FedEx SmartPost Faster Than UPS SurePost?

You can use the SurePost option if you have a special occasion to ship and it’s too expensive to use UPS or FedEx.

They are very similar in many respects, perhaps the most notable of which is the ability to get your pizza delivered in 30 minutes or less.

There are 2 companies you can order books from. Some people say that you will receive your order in 2-7 business days. I say you will receive your order in 2-14 business days. So it is best to contact both companies and see what they say. Check the companies websites and email them for their estimated delivery times.

You probably notice that the “time to destination” for the delivery is a bit longer than the time it takes to ship the package.


The SmartPost is a great budget option for customers willing to be patient while their packages arrive.

We will wait for an hour for you to come out and get this. So that we can start our work and take the orders. We will wait till that time. Because we have to be careful when we go out.

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