Fedex Smartpost Usps (what Is It + How It Works)

There’s no limit to what online retailers are selling – they always have to deal with shipping. And these online purchases mean not having to do business with retail partners.

Finding a reliable and cost-effective shipping method is a huge challenge for small companies.

It’s a good idea for retailers to have a service that allows them to easily communicate with their customers, from collecting a return to arranging a shipment to getting the right amount of insurance coverage.

What Is FedEx SmartPost From USPS In 2022?

Find out more about how SmartPost works and whether or not it’s the ideal option for your business.

What Is FedEx SmartPost?

FedEx SmartPost is the combination of FedEx’s standard ground shipping which includes delivery to residential addresses, and USPS’s residential delivery service.

In this hybrid model, shippers give parcels to FedEx. FedEx then packages and ships the shipment directly to the final client or buyer.

If a package doesn’t make it to the destination on time, FedEx will hand it off to USPS to deliver and then FedEx will track your package.

USPS normally delivers mail normally, Monday through Saturday. Sunday deliveries are usually for packages only.

Is SmartPost FedEx or USPS?

SmartPost offers a shipping feature that is as different from FedEx as it is from traditional mail. It is designed to provide an easier shipping process, and it’s also a hybrid service: SmartPost uses resources from both FedEx and USPS.

FedEx handles package pickup, tracking, long-haul shipping, local delivery, and more.

What’s the Point of FedEx SmartPost?

FedEx, the USPS and their customers can benefit from SmartPost.

However, UPS has historically had a cost advantage over FedEx. So, FedEx decided to partner with the United States Postal Service (USPS) to compete on the last mile. As a result, FedEx now gets to charge lower rates that USPS (which gets its freight for free), but also gets to avoid the most expensive part of its operations (the last mile).

And in a deal that benefits the USPS and FedEx, the USPS gets a cut of FedEx’s shipping profits just for delivering to houses that are already part of its daily routes.

The cost of shipping a package through the USPS is one of the largest costs for small business owners. SmartPost is a tool that eliminates this cost.

The e-commerce companies can sell the products at a low price because they did not have to worry about shipping and handling.

SmartPost allows shippers to access more addresses than regular mail, and use addresses that are not on the USPS web site.

SmartPost includes addresses that are served by USPS which aren’t available with other FedEx Services.

Is FedEx SmartPost Reliable?

SmartPost provides an overall good service across the board. They get deliveries where they need to go (on time) and they have a well-managed warehouse and packing service.

I tried the SmartPost application on the Mac and Windows in the past and I had bad experiences.

SmartPost struggled to convince the USPS to let it be integrated into their system.
As they were trying to convince the USPS to let them integrate, the USPS was trying to convince FedEx to give them a break in the system.

We want to make sure we’re not tracking or delivering the wrong objects to the wrong address. If we’re tracking an incorrect object or delivery address, we want to correct them as soon as we know.

In order to have an efficient way to transfer messages, Facebook has recently developed “SmartPost”, a new feature that allows users to share status updates and other posts through a private Facebook message.

SmartPost allows users to share messages that have already been shared publicly from a user’s timeline, and the messages are only shared with individuals who have been added as Facebook friends.

How Much Does FedEx SmartPost Cost?

There are examples of what you can expect to pay when you use FedEx SmartPost.

For packages traveling 0-150 miles, Zone 2 is the area of the country that is served by USPS.

We were told we had to be prepared for anything, so our first instinct was to get a van.

How Much Does FedEx SmartPost Save?

The average price of shipping with FedEx SmartPost is $20 cheaper than the average price of shipping with FedEx Ground.

In this case, Amazon Prime’s package tracking service is a great way to avoid the hassles that come with running between a package store and a delivery service.

Is FedEx SmartPost Too Slow?

I think you should know that for every piece of content you send out, your message will travel to 1,500 people. This means it will go to more people than you possibly could ever reach.

The first thing to decide is that you’re going to look for the type of application that will be most successful for you.

In fact, customers usually like to wait longer for delivery if they are able to get free or inexpensive shipping- up to 7 days for free delivery.

SmartPost offers a free plan but you can test the service by comparing it to other services such as Instapaper.

SmartPost packages can either be dropped off at a USPS drop off window or picked up from a SmartPost depot.

As you can tell, SmartPost is not a replacement for a typical mail marketing program, but it can be a good add-on.

A good way to do this is to give customers a shipping choice and include the transit time and cost and let them decide what’s best for them.

Does FedEx SmartPost Have Tracking?

Customers can track their package from the time it’s shipped to the time it arrives, and also learn when their package was delivered.

If you are looking to find the answer to why did FedEx delivered my package to the USPS, check out our posts on the different delivery services available.


FedEx Smartpost is a great combination of the strengths of both FedEx and USPS. This collaboration helps deliver the best service to retailers, consumers, and businesses worldwide.

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