Does Usps Buy Back Unused Stamps? (What To Know!)

Sometimes, you underestimate how much stamps you will need.

We were curious if the USPS would buy back unused stamps. This is what we discovered when we looked into it…

Is the USPS willing to buy back unused stamps?

The USPS will not buy your unused stamps. They will exchange your stamps for different postage depending on their condition and the reason for exchange.

This article will discuss the USPS and your unutilized stamps. It will show you what you can do, where you can take them and how to get money for them.

What can I do with unused stamps?

You can use, trade, or sell any number of unutilized stamps that you have at home.

You can use them if you wish. Simply calculate how many stamps you will need and attach to your package or envelope. You can use any combination of stamps to meet the postage requirements. To cover the postage costs, you may need to purchase additional stamps.

You can visit USPS if you’re interested in exchanging stamps. Their website contains detailed information regarding stamp exchanges and refunds.

The USPS states that stamps can be exchanged to get new postage of equal value if they were damaged or not usable in the first place or if the stamps are incorrectly purchased.

The stamps that you are exchanging must be sealed and undamaged. Bring some ID if you have more than $250.

You may be eligible for an exchange if your stamps become unusable due to moisture or humidity. You must have purchased within 12 months to be eligible for an exchange. The stamps must also still be in their original sheets, coils, or booklets.

Each stamp must remain intact with the denomination clearly visible.

Are there any places I can sell my unused stamps?

There are many places that will buy your unused stamps.

Return My Stamps is a good place to start. These rates are determined by the condition of your stamps. They provide a detailed description for forever stamps that they consider new or useable and non-forever stamps that are in new or useful condition.

They will give 70% face value to new condition forever stamps: unbent, unfolded, complete sheets or books.

They will give you 50% face value on used condition forever stamps, partial or bent sheets, or booklets (single stamps also included), and non-forever stamps that are in new condition (as described previously).

They will give 40% face value to non-forever stamps that are in good condition. This includes partial sheets, bent sheets, books and rolls. Single stamps are also accepted.

Return My Stamps will send you a check by mail, PayPal or wire transfer.

What Stamps are Not Accepted for Exchange at USPS

The USPS has a list of stamps that they won’t accept for exchange, regardless of their purchase date. These stamps are:

  • Stamps that have been damaged or mutilated in any way
  • Stamps made from cards, envelopes or other packaging.
  • Stamped cards in parts
  • For reply, stamped cards, envelopes and aerogrammes
  • Adhesive stamps are not recommended unless they have been purchased in error, are unusable (unusable), or were stuck to commercial envelopes or postcards.

Learn more about the USPS You can read our related post to find out if USPS accepts FedEx returns and if USPS delivers at night.


Everybody will have a collection of stamps that aren’t used at one point or another. It’s okay to keep them around.

They can be used together, taken to USPS for possible exchanges or sold online.

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