Does Ups Deliver On Sundays? (all You Need To Know)

A modern shipping company offers a variety of convenience. But, weekend deliveries have been an old development.

UPS was originally founded in 1934. By the 1980’s, they had stopped offering Sunday shipping. In 2005, UPS started delivering on Sundays. For the first three years, only select businesses were allowed to ship on Sunday.

Does UPS Deliver on Sundays In 2022?

The company announced that Sunday deliveries will end in 2022 after the company received pressure from US retailers and consumers to end Sunday deliveries. Some people think that this decision is a reaction to the success of Amazon, which has Sunday delivery options for their customers.

If you’re looking to learn more about how Sunday deliveries happen and how you can work them into your package delivery, keep reading for more details on how they work!

Does UPS Deliver Seven Days a Week?

This means that the company is not available on Saturdays, Sundays or holidays, therefore the company only delivers on weekdays.

– There is a fee for Sunday delivery, and its based on weight of the package (and the distance you need to travel).
– If you are only in the US or Canada, there is no fee for Sunday delivery. Otherwise, you will have a higher fee, and possibly a minimum weight.

However, the US Postal Service says it will continue to explore options.

Since a package may take two days to be delivered via UPS Ground, there have been occasions when packages have not been delivered the day after they have been shipped.

The UPS website also has a holiday schedule that is listed in the footer of the page. It shows days that UPS services are operating and days that they are closed. It can be found here.

The main difference between UPS Ground and UPS Express Critical is just that they are different services. If you have very urgent deliveries, express is always the better choice. If you’re not planning on receiving your package for a few days, UPS Ground will be just as fast as it can be.

Express services carry all small packages that are less than 10 pounds and generally arrive within the next 24 hours.

To learn more about using UPS Express Critical, visit the company’s website here or call customer service at 1-800-714-8779.

Does UPS Deliver on Sundays During the Holiday Season?

When the holidays hit, the UPS system can get clogged, causing delays and possible outages.

This means that no package is delivered on Mondays.

I’m sure you’ll have plenty more questions as you explore the world of business communication by mail. You can find the answers to many of them in this handy guide.

You would expect that a package that has its shipping-to address set to a valid address would be able to be sent to that address and arrive on a particular day.

If you are planning on taking the bus to the airport on Sunday and ordering a pick-up, you might want to hold off on doing so until closer to the day of travel.

If you’re shipping packages during the holiday season, it’s a great idea to add the ship by Sunday delivery.

I’ll also point out that if your business is using UPS because it’s good, or to support some good cause, and not because it’s cheaper than FedEx/fedex, then you’re going to spend more in the long run.

Does UPS Deliver on Sunday for Amazon?

Amazon is the only shipping company that delivers 7 days a week at no extra charge, providing a big challenge to companies like UPS.

This will be an advantage for Amazon, especially because they are the only company that has made a real commitment to developing a massive delivery network to rival the USPS in the US.

With this deal, your Amazon orders placed on Saturdays will not be delivered on Sundays. However, orders placed on Sunday may be delivered on Saturdays during the holidays.

In addition, shipping times can be affected by this deal, and we recommend that you order Amazon products during normal business hours.

Usually, if something you order on Amazon will be using Amazon’s own delivery service, you will not be charged for shipping, how Amazon profits from that. Since Amazon will often let you cancel the order if shipping isn’t a problem and you can cancel in 30 or 60 seconds, the potential for Amazon to profit from this service is huge.

UPS does not deliver on weekends because they do not want to risk any delay in the delivery of their packages.

How Much Does Sunday Delivery Cost UPS?

typically, UPS will charge shipping costs depending on the weight, dimensions, and distance a package is traveling.

Since Sunday deliveries are delivered on Sunday, this means more resources are being utilized on that day.

The fee covers the cost of delivering the package from the residential delivery area to the nearest major post office, where packages are sorted and delivered to their final destination.

Since delivery is free for residential customers, the delivery fee is not applied.

However, this residential fee covers the costs of other services that Sunday deliveries require.

If you are buying packages for Sunday delivery, you can expect to pay $16 extra for each package.

There are also weekend delivery options including Sunday deliveries and pick-ups if you’d like to place an order on a Sunday.

There only one service that provides deliveries on Sundays, and that’s UPS SurePost.

Does UPS SurePost Deliver on Sundays?

I can’t find anything that says that UPS SurePost is delivering on Sundays, but if that’s the case it wouldn’t surprise me. It’s not on their website anymore either, but this appears to be the original blog post from 2009.

UPS and USPS is responsible for the transit time from the time the product is shipped from the manufacturer to the time it arrives at a port/sorting facility.

Because the post office does not have to pay for Sunday deliveries, UPS does not charge extra for Sunday deliveries.

As described in the document, the SurePost program offers several benefits to both UPS and its customers.

To learn more, you can also see our articles on how to ship internationally and how to ship packages safely.


In general, it is difficult to find a way of shipping something reliably across the globe that is fast enough, reliable enough and does not involve paying a lot of money.

SurePost is a service that allows you to receive packages for free on Sunday, in addition to Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday deliveries. It is a hybrid service between UPS and USPS.

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