Does Costco Change Brake Pads? (try This Instead…)

When brake pads wear down you’ll notice a change in the way your brakes work. This can be a good clue that it’s time to get them checked by a professional.

Costco does not change your car’s brake pads. However, it does offer brake pad replacements for those who need replacements on an annual basis. Costco will even send its auto team to the house of the member to replace their brake pads free of charge.

Does Costco Change Brake Pads In 2022?

Costco does not remove brake pads. The most widely used way to replace brake pads is with a set of new steel brake pads with a friction lining, which is usually $100-$150. The Auto Program offers a 15% discount on brake pads and linings at participating stores.

If you want to learn more about how to save money using Costco’s Auto Program, how much does it cost to get brake pads replaced, and much more, keep on reading!

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How Can You Save Money On Brake Pad Replacements Using Costco’s Auto Program?

Costco’s Auto Program

The Costco Auto Program was launched in 2001.

The retailer has partnered with more than 75 automotive dealerships in more than 90 counties in 14 states.

The program offers members in-store discounts for various services and parts.

Costco is the largest independent automotive retailer on the West Coast.

The program will be good for any car, including ones you’ve already traded in or sold. The program can even be used for things like tires and batteries.

Costco has a great auto program that can save you as much as $500 on your car repair needs. To find participating stores, use the store finder.

If you haven’t done so already, you may want to read some reviews about Costco’s Auto Program from real Costco customers. You can find many different ways to save on your auto insurance so you will have no trouble finding out whether it’s best for you to join the Costco Auto Program.

What Stores Offer Brake Pad Replacement Services?

For new brake pads, visit your local parts store.
For a brake pad install that is not a difficult job, take your car to one of the brake pad install shops near you.

– You can get them online too, but you need to find local stores.
– There is no difference between stores in Canada and stores in the US.
– Some stores do not do returns.

Does Costco Sell Brake Pads For D.I.Y Changes?

We found no information that indicated whether or not Costco sells brake pads within their general stores.

However, members can enjoy a 15% discount when purchasing brake pads and other parts at participating stores under the “Costco Auto Care Plan” scheme.

How Much Does It Cost To Get All 4 Brake Pads Replaced Professionally?

The cost of replacing all four brake pads will vary amongst different stores, but may be anywhere between $120 and $300.

The price of brake parts will usually cost between $35 and $150, depending on the manufacturers and the type of car. The rest of the price will vary based on the labour costs, which will be between $80 and $100.

It is strongly suggested you call ahead and ask to speak to a mechanic to get a quote of what it would cost to repair your brakes. You should know your brake pads are old and need to be replaced.

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Costco does not provide brake pad replacement services, nor does it sell brake pads in-store or online.
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[Paraphrase] The item was damaged and defective as soon as I received it.

This program discounts products and services for Costco members at different stores via the Auto Program. You can enjoy the 15 percent discount at participating stores, and it is valid for services, items, and accessories, including brake pad replacement.

If you are on a tight budget, though, you can often replace your brake pads yourself. This is a very simple job and will typically not cost you much money. However, a better quality brake pad may cost a bit more.

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