Does Costco Install Tvs? [installation Costs, Wait Time, Providers + More] 

Costco is a business that sells items in large bulk and has great prices on electronics and appliances.

When you buy a new TV at Costco, you get more than just the TV. You get a free TV mount, a free carryover case, and most importantly, installation included.

Does Costco Install TVs In 2022?

Yes, Costco installs HomeLink systems for an additional fee of $399.99. This device provides the ability to control your home’s electronics (lights, heating/cooling, and more) from the palm of your hand. You can install the HomeLink system at the time of your installation.

To find out more about scheduling your own time, price, and how much product you can order, you can read this article!

When Can I Schedule Costco To Install My TV?

Costco allows appointments to be made seven days a week from 7 am to 11 pm EST and will be there on time for the appointment.

You can reschedule or remove any appointments up to 24 hours before the scheduled time if they don’t work for you.

What Does It Cost To Have Costco Install My TV?

There are three Handy Premier services that Costco offers for installing and mounting TVs: Home Entertainment Connection, Home Theater Connection, and Digital Signage Connection.

Is Costco A Good Place To Buy A TV?

Costco would be the best place to view a TV because the products offered are always in stock, the prices are low, and they have a generous warranty program.

If you’ve ever walked into Costco before, you’ll know that they offer a wide range of TVs for you to choose from when you walk into the store.

What TV Brands Does Costco Sell?

Costco offers a wide range of TV brands, which include popular and off-brands.

Costco has a wide selection of portable screens for all types of activities. Screen sizes range from moderately sized, less than 40 inches, all the way to large screens that are almost 90 inches.

Does Costco Offer Extended Warranties on TVs?

Costco is known for extending the warranties on your electronics. They will extend the manufacturers warranty on your TV which is two years from the purchase date.

You could try to purchase from the manufacturer, assuming they have extended their warranties.

You can actually also add two years to Costco’s current television protection. Just apply a new Costco Anywhere Visa Card and you’ll receive an additional two years of protection. The benefits of Costco’s new protection are that it will give you full protection against the TV in the store, and also for up to two years after the store where you bought your television.

What Is Costco’s Return Policy on TVs?

They make a lot of their sales to people with HDTVs, and they feel like they can charge HDTV customers more than they charge some of their other customers.

If you buy a TV from Costco, you can only return it after 90 days if you decide that it doesn’t satisfy you.

What TV Providers Does Costco Work With?

There was an agreement between Costco and the networks, allowing its employees to go around and try to sell you a TV package.

When you buy a TV from Costco, you can get free shipping, free TV installation, and there are so many other amazing offers coming your way.

If you want to purchase and install a TV from Costco, see my guide on things you should know. Additionally, you can read my posts on if Costco installs appliances and if Costco delivers appliances.

Conclusion: Does Costco Install TVs

There are a few companies on the web that will install your TV mount for you depending on your country. Most of these companies do it for a little fee. There are some companies that will install your mount for free. All you need to do is go to their website, read the instructions on how to install it and follow the instructions. You can do it yourself but with the mounting kits it is better to have an installer.

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