Does Home Depot Install Appliances? (types Of Appliances, Cost, What’s Included, Who Provides The Service + More)

A new study revealed that homeowners who buy appliances at Home Depot have higher chances than others at getting the appliance installed in a timely manner.

When you plan to buy new appliances, you may wonder whether the store can help you install them at home? While stores like Ikea give you the Ikea manual to put the product together, some stores will put together or install the product for you. Here are all the details you need to know!

Does Home Depot Install Appliances In 2022?

Home Depot installs appliances, including refrigerators, electric/gas ranges, dryers, dishwashers, washing machines, microwaves, and small appliances. Customers are usually charged an installation fee of $139 on top of the product price. An electrician is usually paid extra, usually around $35 per appliance. The service includes delivery, uncrating, installation, and haul-away of old appliances.

1. Home Depot is a well known building supply company.
2. They are in charge of installing new appliances at your home or business.
3. If you choose to have their installation service, you should tip them.
4. If you’re worried about the cost, you can always opt for a more expensive appliance instead.

What Types Of Appliances Does Home Depot Install?

Most of the home appliances sold at Home Depot are approved for installation. However, certain appliances may need to have certain safety items installed before installation.

If you are using a potable water supply and it is not potable, then you will need to shut off your water supply (if you use one).

The other issue is how to treat this area, as corrosion takes place on the surfaces. In this case, the valve was not installed properly, so we had to treat the surfaces and apply a primer (we used a paint stripper) and then we followed up with galvanizing.

We’ll check for compatible electrical and water connections in your area. These connections may or may not include electric flex, and will depend on the type and manufacturer of the tank.

We will do the installation from here on out.

So Home Depot will cover installation of appliances.

They can also install small appliances such as mini fridges, wine and beverage coolers, cooktops, and portable washers.

Home Depot has many other services to provide to homeowners such as appliances repair and installation as well as home improvement.

How Much Does Home Depot Charge To Install Appliances?

Home Depot offers professionals come to your home and get your appliances for free, including washer, dryer, refrigerator, and more!

The delivery fee will vary based on the location, the type of appliance and its worth.

The additional delivery fee is an approximate minimum.

When you install appliances, there are many different fees to factor in. Here are the average installation fees for several different appliances.

Before you install a cooker, you can also book a free home consultation to determine where to place your cooker and work out which product would work best for you.

What’s Included In Home Depot’s Appliance Installation?

The installation service from Home Depot entails the professional delivery of your appliance, uncrating, and overall set-up; plus, the service is scheduled around the needs of your schedule.

The Skilled installers will ignite all necessary gas, electricity, or water connections.

If your appliance needs additional parts, please contact the installation team as we may provide these parts.

Once the installation is complete, the Home Depot associates will make sure your home is left in its original condition, by clearing debris and packaging.

Does Home Depot Remove Old Appliances?

Home Depot is also willing to deal with you if any appliance you buy has a broken electrical part that can be removed and/or replaced.

If your appliance weighs 2000 lbs or more, you may need to pay an additional fee of $25 for most major appliances (the removal fee may vary slightly depending on the appliance).

Who Installs Appliances For Home Depot?

Home Depot hires third party contractors and independent licensed plumbers to complete all installations, removals, plumbing, and electric work as needed.

You should consider contracting companies near you. You can check which companies work nearby by contacting them.

How Do You Get Home Depot To Install Appliances?

Home Depot customers can buy Home Depot’s appliance installation at the time of purchase from Home Depot.

Those who decide to do that online will get all the services when they complete their purchase.

After you pay for your order, you’ll go through a confirmation process that will list the services you’ve purchased.

What Should You Do Before Home Depot Appliance Installers Arrive?

You can find a home delivery checklist on It outlines the tasks customers should take before the delivery arrives.

It includes making sure the reserved space is reserved for the appliance.

You can measure the hallways and corridors to see if you will be able to deliver the appliance. Only someone aged 18 and above can accept delivery.

If you install carpet pads, make sure they are the right size (so that the carpet will lay nice and flat) and that the space is free of rugs.

To make it easier to lift, place the item on a level, flat surface, where your arms are parallel to the floor.

After you read this next bit of information, you should decide if you would like to buy the new appliances Home Depot is installing, even if you already have an older, outdated appliance that you have been using for a long time.


Home Depot installs a major appliance such as a dishwasher, refrigerator, electric and gas dryer, washing machine and built-in ovens. They do not install built-in dishwashers or other major appliances.

Installation of new kitchen appliances is $35. You can opt for the hauling at no charge. The same also applies to refrigerators. The additional fee is $25.

*Installation of new appliances is not available for refrigerators, dryers, electric stoves or ranges, or stove-top ranges.

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