Is Great Value A Walmart Brand? (Everything To Know!)

Walmart is a popular grocery store. The company’s financial strategies have helped it achieve its current position in retail since its 1962 launch. The company’s mission to “save people money so that they can live better” is an expression of the ideals of Sam Walton who founded it.

Walmart offers a variety of products from top brands. The brand aligns with Walmart’s mission statement. Great Value is the brand name. Continue reading to find out more about this brand, including its products and whether Walmart plans to eliminate it.

Walmart’s Great Value Brand Is It?


Continue reading to learn more about Walmart Great Value and Walmart

Great Value Foods: Who is the Owner?

Great Value, a Walmart brand, is mentioned previously. It is obvious that Walmart is the brand’s owner. Walmart also owns Wonder Nation, Time and Tru and Terra & Sky. Secret Treasures is another brand.

Is Walmart Getting Rid Of Great Value Brand?

Businesses often decide to discontinue products from a brand if they don’t make the expected sales. Walmart’s Great Value brand is unfortunately a case in point. According to, these are some Great Value foods that have been discontinued.

  • Organic instant oatmeal, oats and flax are great value
  • Red Tornado Soda is a great value

Who makes great value products?

Sara Lee is the most well-known Great Value grocery producer. ConAgra and ConAgra also produce cheese, peanut butter, salsa, and coffee. Walmart receives milk from an Indiana dairy plant.

These are the real manufacturers of Great Value’s essential products.

According to recent reports, Kraft may be Great Value’s mayonnaise producer. The only thing that differentiates these brands from each other is their packaging. You can expect to pay $3.88 for 42-fluid-ounce jars Great Value mayonnaise, or $1 more for the equivalent at Kraft.

Bluebonnet and Land O’Lakes are believed to be the producers of Great Value butter. These butter brands can be found at Walmart as well as the Walmart stores that make their own butter products. Which one is cheaper?


Bread is the staple food of every household. Sara Lee makes Great Value loaves at the factories that make their brand or Nature’s Own loaves. Great Value bread is high quality, so you won’t have to compromise on it.

A whole wheat loaf of bread weighing 20 ounces costs $1.48. Nature’s Own loaf is $10.99.

George’s Prepared Foods, a Tennessee-based business, is reportedly the producer Great Value’s pork products including bacon. Walmart’s Green Value bacon is just as good as big brands.

General Mills and Kellogg Company are believed to be the manufacturers of Great Value’s cereal. Instead of paying $3 for 24 ounces of Kellogg’s frosted flaflakes, you can purchase Great Value frosted flaflakes for $2.93 to save some pennies.

Walmart’s Great Value brand also offers a variety of cereals including berry crunch and honey nut O’s. This helps households on a budget to stretch their dollars further.

According to credible sources, ConAgra is responsible in manufacturing Great Value cheese.

The cheese is made in its many factories located in different states. Walmart sells a variety of Great Value cheese blocks, shredded and sprayed cheeses, as well as cheese squares.

Which Items Should You Buy At Walmart Always?

Walmart is the best place to save money when it comes shopping. These are just a few of the Walmart products that have very low prices.

It is important to stay hydrated. Walmart offers great deals on bottled water, including Poland Springs Natural Spring Water at just three cents an ounce.

Walmart has the best water brands at a cheaper price than your local convenience stores.

Walmart allows you to buy 12-packs of Great Value brand soda for $2.68 You can also score substantial discounts on name-brand soft drink brands like Pepsi or Coke.

Walmart stocks every kind of cookie you can imagine, from Little Debbie to Pepperidge Farm favorites to Nabisco favorites.

The store’s affordable prices make it a great place to buy these sweet treats. Walmart also has the latest limited-edition flavors for Chips Ahoy and Teddy Grahams.

Everyone loves potato chips, which this giant retailer always stocks at a great price.

You don’t need to convince anyone to buy chips here. Walmart also stocks regional brands like UTZ, Mac’s, Cape Cod, and even Cape Cod.

Walmart’s candy selection is unrivaled, featuring all your favorite jelly beans and chocolates, lollipops mints, and even gummy candies.

Plus, there’s more! It is possible to purchase bulk candy bars, so you can buy an entire case.

You can make your family’s cereal more delicious by buying it in bulk at Walmart outlets.

The superstore offers a wide range of breakfast products, including brands like General Mills, Quaker, Kashi and Kashi.

You can find cheaper pasta, instant ramen, and rice at Walmart than you will at your local grocery store. For those who enjoy healthy eating, the store offers low-calorie and gluten free pasta options.

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Walmart’s Great Value has many famous brands behind its products. There are many great value grocery manufacturers like Kraft, Sara Lee and General Mills.

Walmart created the brand with the sole purpose of creating high-quality, affordable products that would appeal to millions of customers.

Despite the brand’s excellent performance, certain products like instant oatmeal and red tornado soda had to be discontinued because they were not generating as much sales as expected.

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