Does Kroger Accept Apple Pay? (No, But Try This Instead…)

Kroger, a well-known American retailer, has nearly 2,800 supply shops across 35 states. Apple Pay, on the other hand is a contactless payment option that has approximately 80 million users in the United States.

Kroger is known for its great deals on groceries, apparel and furniture. Kroger customers may be curious if Apple Pay can be used to make purchases.

So, is Kroger accepting Apple Pay? Continue reading to learn more about this question, and the other payment options that Kroger outlets accept.

Does Kroger Accept Apple Pay?

Kroger doesn’t accept Apple Pay as a method of payment. Kroger tested Apple Pay and Google Pay using Near Field Communications (NFC). They had hoped to add Apple Pay, Google Pay and other payment systems. They do not accept Apple Pay at the moment.

Kroger Pay, a near field communications (NFC)-related payment method, may explain this.

Continue reading to learn more about KrogerPay and how you can use it.

What is Kroger Pay?

Kroger Pay, a contactless payment method that integrates client’s payment information and Kroger card details to make it easier for clients to pay.

Link the Kroger app and your Kroger reward card to earn loyalty points or rewards

Kroger Pay is available from the Apple and Google Play Stores for Android and iOS platforms.

How do I Install Kroger Pay

These are the steps to get Kroger Pay set up.

First, register on the Kroger website.

Install the Kroger Pay App on your iOS and Android devices.

You can use either face recognition or fingerprint to authenticate yourself.

To find your Kroger store, create a Shopping List.

After you have finished creating your account, you can add payment options. At this point, you can attach bank accounts, credit or debit cards and loyalty reward cards. When you check out, the app will automatically deduct money from the payment method you have chosen.

You can shop at the Kroger store you have pre-selected via the app or switch stores depending on your preferences.

How to Use Kroger Pay

Follow these steps to pay for your Kroger Pay purchases

You can use your phone to make a purchase at a self-service counter or cashier.

You can first scan the QR code generated by the app before scanning your items. This can be done by holding the screen above the item scanner, or handing it to the cashier.

After scanning the QR code successfully, scan your purchase. If you use the cashier lanes, they will be able to assist you in scanning your purchases.

Enter any coupons, review your order, and then pay by selecting Mobile from your app’s menu.

How safe is Kroger Pay?

Kroger Pay transactions can be quite secure because you use an app to make payments, and not cash or a credit card. They are very safe, which is the best thing about them.

The company protects your details when you upload them to their wallet app. Kroger doesn’t save your account information on your phone. This means that no one can steal your information when you scan it.

To represent your account details and details, Kroger uses a token. To make the payment, the scanner recognizes the token.

What Payment Methods Does Kroger Accept

They accept cash, personal checks and American Express (Visa and MasterCard) in addition to Kroger Pay.

Scan, Bag, and Go is a program offered by the company. This application allows customers to scan their items with their smartphones.

Customers and employees can save significant time and effort by using this method.

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Kroger doesn’t accept Apple Pay but iPhone users can still use Kroger Pay which works with iOS or Android devices.

Kroger ensures that payments are safe and secure by accepting payment at Kroger.

Customers can use Kroger Pay to get amazing deals and privileges through the KrogerPay platform.

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