Does Wendy’s Take Apple Pay? (all You Need To Know)

Wendy’s is the world’s largest burger chain, and they’re known to serve a wide variety of items when it comes to meals. The average Wendy’s eatery is equipped with WiFi, and they’re known for serving breakfast and lunchtime items. If you’re planning a Wendy’s trip, you should know a few things before heading out the door.

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Does Wendy’s Take Apple Pay In 2022?

Apple Pay will only be accepted at Wendy’s in 2022. You can also still use a credit card or debit card at fast food restaurants like Wendy’s in 2022. You won’t be able to pay on Android mobile wallets like Google Pay or Samsung Pay.

If you’re interested in learning more about Apple Pay and what payment options Wendy’s takes, keep reading!

Does Wendy’s Drive-Thru Accept Apple Pay?

Apple Pay has not been available at Wendy’s restaurants, so it is currently not an option for placing an order at a Wendy’s restaurant.

Apple Pay can only be used to make payments with select credit and debit cards. For more information about using Apple Pay at Wendy’s, visit the Wendy’s website.

Does Wendy’s Take Apple Pay In-Store?

You can use Apple Pay but it’s also a little confusing, since there isn’t a menu to tap to pay. Your best bet is to watch the screen for a card swiping, or just to scan the barcode from your iPhone.

To learn more about the Apple Watch app, read our Apple Pay section of the Apple Pay & Apple Watch Handbook.

In-store purchases with Apple Pay or Android Pay are currently not supported.

Does The Wendy’s Mobile App Take Apple Pay?

Wendy’s has an app that allows customers to pay for their meals and get rewards. The app also comes with benefits like ordering ahead, checking your rewards balance, and more. The app is also available on Google Play and the App Store.

We do not accept Apple Pay on our website or mobile app. Unfortunately, many retail and service providers do not accept Apple Pay, and we cannot guarantee that we will be able to make payments successfully in the future.

Does Wendy’s Take Credit Cards?

~~YES. If you’re looking for more information, you can also check their website.

Further, the restaurant chain has been accepting all major credit cards, including American Express, Discover, and MasterCard.

What Payment Methods Are Accepted At Wendy’s?

Other Restaurants That Accept Apple Pay

Apple Pay is a great way to pay at restaurants, and it is great to see Apple continue to improve and increase the utility of the app.

After several years of work, Google is ready to announce a new service that was previously kept under wraps.

In addition to the places mentioned above (Starbucks, Subway, Red Robin, Papa John’s), you can pay for groceries at Walmart, Target, Kroger, and other places that accept Apple Pay (even if they don’t have an Apple Pay option on their existing payment terminals).

If you want to find out more about whether or not Wendy’s accepts debit and credit cards, you can read our post. You can also see what Wendy’s customer service says about those same cards in their FAQ pages.


Wendy’s is a fast-food restaurant chain that operates in the United States and Canada. It has over 6,500 locations.

However, a Wendy’s representative told the Daily Dot that Apple Pay will be accepted starting tomorrow.

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