Amazon Vet Policy (Everything You Need To Know)

Amazon has been scrutinized for years over its employee treatment. People complain about poor pay, hard working hours and low benefits.

Amazon’s mandated overtime policy has also been a topic of debate. Many people disagree with it. What exactly is this policy? Continue reading to learn more.

What is VET at Amazon?

Amazon’s Voluntary Extra Time (VET) policy allows employees to work extra hours beyond their scheduled shifts. VET is an optional option and employees get their standard pay (or overtime, if they have worked more than 40 hours) for taking on extra work. Amazon warehouses that receive large orders and have quotas to fulfill offer VET to their staff to meet customer expectations.

Amazon employees who work full-time should always be available for overtime. While non-salary employees are paid for extra hours worked, salaried employees cannot be eligible for this additional pay.

What Does Amazon VET Pay?

Amazon pays VET the same as regular pay. Honors overtime is also paid at the same rate. Amazon employees who work more than 40 hours per week receive time and a quarter for extra hours. This applies to events such as Prime Day and national holidays.

Employees who make $15 an hour are entitled to $22 if they work overtime or during holidays.

However, Amazon employees who are salaried do not have the right to receive this overtime pay. This applies to holiday hours as well, though it may vary depending on the region’s policies.

How to Cancel Amazon Vet

Follow these steps to cancel Amazon VET

  • Visit the section ‘Your Orders.
  • Find the order
  • Click on “Problem with Order.”
  • Choose the cancel option
  • Please fill in the text box with your comments
  • Please select submit

Do All Employees Need to Work More Hours?

Amazon VET policy states that only full-time employees are allowed to work additional hours. Part-time employees cannot work beyond their shifts.

However, overtime rules can vary depending on the department. Amazon Fresh drivers, for example, have the flexibility to choose the hours they want to work.

Amazon warehouse workers must work at least eight hours per day and then add 10 to 20 hours.

What happens if an employee misses their vet?

Amazon has a list that restricts employees who miss extra time. They may also remove vacation, UPT and personal time.

Amazon is known for scheduling overtime at the last moment, so missing overtime can be a problem for employees. If Amazon has already booked your time and you are late for overtime due to unavoidable circumstances it will have serious consequences.

It would be a great idea to always have extra time if you work full-time at Amazon.

Amazon makes exceptions for not working over time?

Amazon is not particularly accommodating to full-time employees when it comes to scheduling extra time. They will however make exceptions for students who are full-time. Parents are not exempt from overtime obligations such as dropping their child at school. Parents who are interested in joining Amazon should be aware of the additional hours they might have to work.

What are the Extra Hours Amazon Employees Work?

Amazon does not require overtime, but it is important that employees don’t work more than 60 hours per week. According to reliable sources, the most common additional working hours per week are 10.

Amazon VTO Policy

VTO is voluntary time off. Employers give employees the option to leave work early or late, without having to affect leave balances.

Amazon offers a voluntary VTO policy which allows warehouse workers to use their time without penalty. You do not get paid for the time you take off. Amazon promises to ensure efficiency in its warehouses. VTO is one of the ways to do that. It reduces payroll costs and allows workers to take time off, without having to pay for their benefits or leave.

Amazon offers VTO: Why?

VTO is a great option for Amazon workers. They can do what they want, without having to compromise their benefits or status. VTO allows warehouse workers to go home early if Amazon meets their quotas. Amazon usually offers VTO before the holidays.

Employees can take time off to manage their personal business and spend time with loved ones. Amazon can also reduce costs and increase efficiency through the VTO policy. It ensures that employees have the support, time and resources they need to live their day.

What Amazon employees can learn about VTO

VTO options can vary depending on where you are located. Because of the volume of work and employees, fulfillment centers can have different activity levels. To receive notification about VTO opportunities, Amazon warehouse workers can sign up for text or email alerts.

Is VTO affecting full-time workers?

VTO has been a topic of concern because it is unclear how unpaid leave affects benefits and salaries. VTO has no effect on any of these. Hourly workers and salaried workers should work 40 hours per week. There are no penalties for early departure.

Voluntary time off does not affect benefits or healthcare for part-time and full-time workers.

Amazon employees work overtime on Prime Day

Many employees are required to work overtime on Prime Day and the days preceding it. Full-time employees must work at least 55 hours during this week.

Learn more about Amazon’s work environment. These posts will help you find out if Amazon employees receive a discount or free Prime. Also, learn whether Amazon employees are eligible for weekly or biweekly payments.


Amazon is known for its competitive pay and a variety of employee benefits. VET gives employees the ability to work longer hours and VTO allows them to take time off.

Amazon’s overtime policy is mandatory for all full-time employees, and optional for Amazon part-timers. The following points can help you better understand the Amazon VET Policy.

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