Walmart Lunch Break Policy [all Your faqs answered!] 

The company is afraid of public criticism of these policies, so they hide behind legal mumbo jumbo.

Walmart tries to maintain quality working conditions by enforcing mandatory breaks, but what is the company’s lunch policy? Read more, and I have all the answers!

Walmart Lunch Break Policy 2022

Employees in the retail sector are generally entitled to a 15-minute unpaid meal break every 4 hours. The law allows for an additional 15-minute break once the shift length reaches six hours. In addition, workers may receive a 30-minute paid meal break in the case of a shift of 10 or more. Unpaid meal breaks fall under the category of “meal periods,” which are required to be of “equal length” for all workers.

If you want to know more about the “rules” for shift lengths, entitlements, and breaks for longer shifts, keep on reading!

What is the Break Policy at Walmart? 

Breaks are divided between lunch-breaks and meal-breaks, otherwise known as resting-breaks. Rest-breaks are classified as non-working time, and are therefore unpaid.

The above is the official explanation.

However, the use of “break” to denote a rest-break is still being discussed in the United Kingdom in 2018.

At Walmart, a meal break is defined as time between 10:00A and 11:30A, including the ten minute break.

Some states require employers to pay employees for the entire period of time that they are on the clock, even if they happen to be in the office to just look at their computer at the time.

Do You Get a Lunch Break During an 8 Hour Shift at Walmart?

Yes, Walmart employees are required to take a two-hour paid rest-break after six consecutive hours of work. Employees are also required to rest for two-hours after 12 consecutive hours of work.

It is my understanding that this is an acceptable practice under the FLSA.

Does Walmart Pay Employees for Lunch Breaks?

No, Walmart has a federal law that forbids employees who work more than five hours to receive paid meal breaks.

Walmart workers will be paid for 15-minute rest breaks after federal regulations.

Do I Get a Lunch Break for 6 Hours at Walmart? 

So, all Walmart employees get a half an hour for lunch and a half hour for a break each hour, regardless of how long the employee has to work that day.

However, this can change state by state. For example, the following states permit meal breaks when working five or more consecutive hours:



Meal is allowed for any period that does not add up to five consecutive hours of work. If the total exceeds five hours, the employer must provide additional time off for the break. If the employee requests a lunch break, the employer must give it.

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What is the Lunch Policy at Walmart for Employees 18 or Under?

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In order for a worker to be relieved of duty for a rest period of 20 minutes or more, it must be shown that the employer or its agent has specifically requested or consented to the break.

Can I Skip Lunch Breaks at Walmart? 

It is required to take a 10-minute rest break after 8 hours of work.
and a 30-minute break at 11 hours.

Employees that violate the time card policy will need to fill out a time card violation form.

How Many Hours Do I Need to Work to Get a Lunch Break at Walmart?

To qualify for overtime pay, an employee must spend at least five consecutive minutes of a non-work hour relaxing, eating, or smoking.

Employees can also take a second unpaid meal break if they work overtime and the shift extends over 10 hours in length.

What is the Lunch Policy for Overnight Workers at Walmart? 

Overnight Associates operate between 10pm-7am and are entitled to two 15 minute paid breaks and an hour-long meal break.

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Conclusion: What is the Lunch Policy at Walmart? 

The company has no requirement that workers get a certain number of rest-breaks during a work-shift. Walmart has a policy that all workers must get at least 30 rest-breaks during any work-shift. Walmart requires employees over 18 to take meal-breaks every 6-10 hours. Under 18s are entitled to 15 meal-breaks in some states.

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