Does Sam’s Club Take Apple Pay In 2022? (No, But Try This…)

Sometimes you just want to pay the item and not wait in line. There are so many options for contactless payment that you can make, why does it still take so long to pay?

Sam’s Club could use Apple Pay, considering that the majority of people use iPhones. You will be surprised at the truth!

Continue reading to find out if Sam’s Club will accept Apple Pay in 2022.

Other questions you might have are also welcome.

  • What payment methods accept Sam’s Club?
  • Why does Sam’s Club not accept Apple Pay?
  • How do I check if a store accepts Apple Pay via Apple Maps

Sam’s Club accepts Apple Pay

Sam’s Club will no longer accept Apple Pay in their physical or online stores starting in 2022. Customers can also pay at the check-out using other payment options, such as Sam’s Club’s Scan & Go or cash.

What payment methods accept Sam’s Club?

Sam’s Club accepts many other payment methods, according to their website.

Why doesn’t Sam’s Club accept Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is a popular payment method, but many retailers don’t want to incorporate it into their systems.

Sam’s Club doesn’t disclose why they won’t accept Apple Pay. They have been aggressively promoting Scan & Go on their membership app, which allows for in-house payments.

Apple Pay would be an indirect competitor to other payment options. Apple Pay does not collect customer information — vital information that retailers gather to improve customers’ shopping experience.

Sam’s Club’s Scan & Go can capture important data like:

– The most-purchased items

– Repurchases

– The best-selling hours

Complementary Purchases

Sam’s Club can use this information to learn a lot about customers’ buying habits, which allows them to make adjustments and improve the customer’s shopping experience.

Apple Pay is not accepted by all stores

Apple Pay is not accepted by some retailers, including McDonald’s, Kroger and Walmart. They often need to collect customer shopping data, such as Sam’s Club. However, others are creating their own payment system, which is competitive with Apple Pay.

Apple Pay is accepted at many stores, including Taco Bell, Family Dollar, Family Dollar, Ross, McDonald’s and Food Lion. It’s natural that companies integrate Apple Pay into their payment processes, given the ease of Apple Pay and widespread use of iPhones.

How to Check if a Store Accepts Apple Pay

Apart from asking the cashier, you can check if the store accepts Apple Pay by opening the Apple Maps app and searching for the store.

Sam’s Club Scan & Go

We believe that Sam’s Club doesn’t accept Apple Pay because they’re encouraging members to sign up for their membership program by promoting Scan & Go as their primary payment method.

Sam’s Club members have many features, including Scan & Go. This feature allows shoppers to skip long checkout lines and pay from their smartphones. You save time and avoid any physical contact with others, which allows for seamless payments.

Scan & Go can also be used at Sam’s Club’s gas stations and curbside pickups, among other departments.

How to Use Scan &Go


Sam’s Club will no longer accept Apple Pay after 2022. They want to encourage the use of Scan and Go, their contact-free payment option. Scan & Go is available on both Android phones and iPhones. It can also be used at Sam’s Club’s curbside pickups or fuel stations.

Sam’s Club members can purchase items at a discount price or receive promotional material via email by using their membership app

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