Does Home Depot Accept Google Pay & Samsung Pay? (guide)

Home Depot is a known company when it comes to home improvement products. Their products are top of the line so they must have a payment system that is reliable and secure.

Now, we’re going to answer that question using the data provided by Google Pay and Samsung Pay.

Does Home Depot Accept Google Pay & Samsung Pay In 2022? 

The only option currently available for Home Depot customers is to use Google Pay on their mobile devices. It is a secure way to pay, but it is not the only option for Home Depot customers.

You can find out how to pay using Samsung Pay in Home Depot, and other payment methods, just keep reading!

Why Doesn’t Home Depot Accept Google Pay As A Payment Form?

The company has not yet integrated the Google Pay option with the Home Depot app because it is still being incorporated.

Home Depot still wants to sell PayPal as a payment option, so they are not adding Google Pay as well as adding in any other payment solutions that they can.

Did Home Depot Ever Accept Google Pay As A Payment Form? 

Home Depot has never accepted Google Pay as a payment form in their stores despite announcing in 2015 that they would be.

However, Home Depot will now accept payments by Google Pay in their stores.

At first, Home Depot had given Google a great deal of information so they could use it for Google Pay features. But when Home Depot was asked about it. Home Depot did not provide any information to Google regarding integrating Home Depot into Google Pay.

How Do You Pay Using Samsung Pay At Home Depot?  

1. Go to the Samsung mobile app.
2. Choose the Samsung pay tab.
3. Tap on “Scan QR Code” then scan the QR code at the checkout by your Samsung device.
4. After entering the user name and password you will be prompted to choose the amount to pay.
5. The Samsung pay app will notify you when there is a Samsung pay available.
6. You will be notified and the barcode on the receipt will be displayed.

What Stores Do Accept Google Pay As A Payment Form?

There are many big and popular stores that accept Google Pay as part of their contactless payment scheme!

* Amazon, Apple, eBay, Facebook, Google, Instagram, Microsoft, PayPal, Twitter and Walmart.

What Other Stores Accept Samsung Pay As A Payment Form? 

Other retailers like Sears, Walmart, and Target also support Samsung Pay, and even some convenience stores. Of course, you have to be careful which stores you use, because some stores have limited locations, and/or not all stores accept Samsung Pay.

**Proteins** are made up of long chains of amino acids.

To learn more about Google Pay card authorization process, follow the below link. Also to learn more, you can consult the other article on the other store.


Home Depot will only accept payment from Samsung, and
can’t accept payment from Google.

Home Depot does accept Paypal as a form of payment. You can use Google Pay for your purchases.

You can also make these payments both online and in-store by tapping your phone to contactless card machines.

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