Does Home Depot Accept Paypal? (your Full Guide) 

As the largest home improvement retailer in the US, Home Depot is a one-stop shop for all things DIY, tools, supplies, garden, and more.

Home Depot does not officially accept PayPal, but in many cases they might be able to take your order.

Does Home Depot Accept PayPal In 2022? 

Home Depot will start accepting PayPal as a form of payment in-store and online as of 2022. Customers at Home Depot can pay via PayPal by using a PayPal Cash Card. Home Depot customers were previously able to pay via PayPal using a mobile phone number and pin system, however, this method was discontinued in 2018.

You can find out how to pay at using PayPal by visiting PayPal at
To find out about the PayPal at Home Depot app, visit the PayPal at Home Depot app website.

How Do You Use PayPal In Store At Home Depot?   

You can pay using a PayPal Cash Card at Home Depot stores.

To pay using this method, present your PayPal Cash Card at the checkout and pay as you would a debit or credit card. Your PayPal Cash balance will be applied to your order and you will not be required to sign in or provide additional payment information.

Samsung Pay on Galaxy smartphones can be used to make payments from PayPal to your PayPal account directly.

unfortunately, Home Depot does not accept Apple Pay or Google Pay. They do have an option for a credit card, but only Visa and MasterCard are accepted.

Can I Use PayPal At 

Paypal is a global online payment system and is one of the best in the world.

This PayPal option is only available at the checkout. To use this option, at the point of confirming the payment you must choose PayPal as the payment method.

Can I Use PayPal On The Home Depot App?

You can pay for your services online though PayPal.

Customers can choose which payment method they use on our site. PayPal is one of them.

Customers will also be prompted to verify their account.

What Other Forms Of Payment Does Home Depot Accept? 

You can pay with a number of different payment methods at Home Depot locations. You can pay with a credit card. You can pay with a major debit card.

Home Depot is not accepting contactless payments because they do not accept Google Pay or Apple Pay.

Their Card terminals are set up with NFC so they can hold credit card payments. However, this function is currently disabled at their checkouts (so you cannot pay with a card). We recommend contacting their customer support team to enable the function.

What Forms Of Payment Are Accepted At 

Customers can use various payment methods when shopping online at

The Home Depot has also partnered with PayPal, making it easier for consumers and merchants to buy and sell directly using PayPal, without the need to go through a bank or credit card company.

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You can use PayPal with a PayPal Cash Card to make a payment.

Home Depot will no longer give customers a way to make a home improvement purchase using a phone number and pin.

It’s really easy to shop online and on the Home Depot app with PayPal.

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