Does Home Depot Accept American Express? (your Complete Guide)

American Express, an American corporation, became one of the most popular and prestigious credit cards amongst shoppers based in the U.S., offering several rewards and benefits schemes.

If you’re a regular customer of Home Depot and you want to earn Amex rewards – then I’ve found out that Home Depot accepts American Express! You just need to have an active American Express account. Just make sure that you’re registered with Home Depot. Once you’ve registered you’ll receive a home depot rewards american express credit as a welcome.

Does Home Depot Accept American Express In 2022?

Starting in July 2020, Home Depot will accept American Express for in-store purchases of hardware, materials, and general merchandise. Home Depot won’t accept American Express for hardware or materials payments online or through the Home Depot mobile app.

If you want to learn more about the items you can buy with American Express at Home Depot, whether American Express can earn you rewards, and much more, simply read on!

When Can You Use American Express At Home Depot?

American Express is accepted at Home Depot as a payment option for online and in-store purchases.

However, if you are an American Express traveler, and you rent a Home Depot item on that card, and you purchase the rental item with your Visa card, that rental item will now automatically be added to your contract with Home Depot, and will not be added to your American Express rental deposit.

And finally, I’d like to remind you to bring the gift card itself to the store since you cannot use Apple Pay or Google Pay (Samsung Pay is accepted in some stores) in-store or online.

Home Depot has a lot of things in stock. You can choose to pay the store with cash, debit card or credit card.

Does Home Depot Accept American Express Gift Cards?

I have a Home Depot card that I can use to buy anything at Home Depot that is bought with a credit card, and so this gift card is accepted at Home Depot.

Customers would use their American Express gift cards to cover up to the entire purchase, or just a portion of it.

If you fail to pay, the credit card provider can take steps to prevent your card being used.

Can American Express Users Earn Rewards At Home Depot?

On your first purchase at Home Depot, you have the opportunity to choose an American Express card.

When Amex Platinum Card users are visiting Home Depot, they may get a 5% discount on purchases equal to or greater than $50.

How Do You Use American Express At Home Depot?

Customers can use American Express credit cards in Home Depot stores and online.

When you’re buying goods at your local store, tell the cashier you are going to pay using a credit card.

The barcode scanner is built into the cash register when you buy something from a store. It scans the barcode as you pay with either cash or a chip card.

The scanner is also available on many cell phones and personal computers.

When you buy something using a card, you see the barcode or QR code on your screen. The barcode is made up of lines.

It is not necessary to use a PIN for credit card purchases in stores, but you may need to sign the receipt.

After the necessary payment information is entered into the appropriate boxes, the customer can click “Submit” to continue through the checkout process.

When you’re creating an account, the primary purpose of your information is to verify your identity when using an ATM or to store your credit card details (the last 4 digits of your card number) when making a purchase with a credit card.

Does Home Depot Accept Other Payment Methods?

Home Depot has a reputation as a great place to shop, and they make sure that you get the best shopping experience no matter where you shop. The payment options listed on their website are the most common and easy way to pay, but it is your responsibility to read their payment policies prior to making a purchase.

If you are looking to learn more about Home Depot’s acceptance policies for PayPal and Apple Pay, click here to see our related Home Depot articles.

Conclusion: Does Home Depot Accept American Express?

Home Depot accepts American Express credit cards for items from Home Depot or American Express (including rental deposits, installation fees, general merchandise, power tools, and building supplies).

This is a great idea for the home, but I would recommend to shop online at your favorite online store or at the store itself.

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