Does Subway Take American Express? (full Guide)

If you are ordering from Subway and you’d like to get it with American Express, there are options. You can call to inquire about their location near you.

It is helpful to know the payment methods at Subway. Therefore, I’ve researched the matter in-depth and will tell you all you need to know about American Express at Subway!

Does Subway Take American Express In 2022?

American Express doesn’t have a problem with people using their cards at Subway. Also, some locations in the United States accept American Express. However, Subway isn’t a part of the AmEx network, and AmEx gift cards do not work with the Subway payments app.

Do you want to know more about the app, and what payments the app accepts? Read below to learn all about that and other common questions!

Do All Subway Locations Accept American Express?

You can use your American Express credit card at all locations of Subway, and it’s just as easy to use it as it is other credit cards.

Does Subway Accept American Express Gift Cards?

Any Subway locations will accept American Express gift cards because they are American Express credit cards and they are accepted by most merchants.

However, not all Subway locations will allow the American Express gift card as payment.
I have noticed that if you try to pay with a credit card at a “no card” location, the total will not appear for the order. A “no card” location is a location where there is no point-of-sale system.

You should call your local store to verify that they are able to take American Express gift cards, just in case.

Can You Use American Express In The Subway App?

I also tried to contact Subway but I don’t think they want to cooperate either.

To ensure that your app stores your order, you’ll need to contact your store to see if American Express is accepted in that app.

What Payment Methods Does Subway Accept?

You can use an Apple Pay or Google Pay app. If you have a card that has a chip and not a magnetic strip, tap the chip to activate it.

You can scan a QR code using Google Chrome on a device or, from a web browser, use a QR code scanner.

You can use tap & go, tap & pay, or tap & pay and Apple Pay.

If you get to the window and the cashier is not aware of whether or not the NFC payment options are present, they will usually come to you for help.

What Other Restaurants Accept American Express?

Subway restaurants will take American Express and American Express gift credit and gift cards.

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Fortunately, Subway takes American Express, and most locations take the American Express gift card.

Note: This sentence will have to be rewritten if they ever decide to accept credit cards.

American Express Cardholders can also make instant purchases and transfer money to their Card at select stores and online through the American Express Mobile Wallet.

In order to access American Express, Visa, Discover, Mastercard, Subway gift cards, and Apple Pay from Subway, you need to register for a Subway card.

The mobile payment service will accept Google Pay and Samsung Pay, and will have no problem with customers using their personal check.

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